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Founded in 1861, CAIXA is the main agent of public policy for the federal government of Brazil. As a 100% public institution, CAIXA influences the lives of millions of Brazilians. It serves not only its bank customers, but all Brazilian citizens, through social security, unemployment insurance, real estate loans, national lottery and many charity programs. By prioritizing sectors like housing, sanitation, infrastructure and services, CAIXA plays an important role in promoting urban development and social justice in the country, helping to improve citizens’ quality of life, especially the underprivileged.

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CITET is a public institution and part of the Ministry of Environment, it has been committed to develop Tunisian qualifications for a better mastery of environmental technologies in order to ensure a sustainable development in Tunisia and in the Arab and Mediterranean region. It plays a fundamental role in environmental upgrading of enterprises to fulfill national and international standards and enhance their competitiveness.

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Mutavie is a life insurance company that offers pension and benefit schemes for private and corporate clients. It also provides health, life, and accident insurance solutions. Mutavie is a subsidiary of Macif, a leading insurance company in France.

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