Some make Pizzas, other make beer


I love to drink an eXo beer while eating an Alfresco’s “stake”. But I feel we eat too much pizza these days..


We ate our stake… The cool one

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  1. How to place a portlet inside a JSP?

    Things we have done till now:
    1. We are using the lomboz IDE for development
    2. We were able to create a portlet and register it in eXo ECM (as exoadmin) by following the steps provided at
    3. We were able to add the new portlet in a test page in the ecm portal(faces/public). However, this portlet was visible in all the pages in the portal for permitted users.

    Our questions:
    1. How do we place a portlet inside web page/JSP.
    2. How do we give permissions to view/edit a portal based on page?
    3. Is there any quickstart tutorials on web (Please provide some links)

    Thanks in advance…

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