Subscription releases: Portal 2.1.1, ECM 2.0.1 and CS 1.0.1

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Portal 2.1.1, ECM 2.0.1 and CS 1.0.1 have just been released.

Those three versions are only downloadable by companies that have purchased the subscription. Indeed, service packs are part of an add service that is only availble to eXo customers.

Portal 2.1.1, ECM 2.0.1 and CS 1.0.1 include bug fixes that of course will also be available in Portal 2.2, ECM 2.1 and CS 1.1 for the entire community later on.

Dear customers, please register in the eXo extranet to get those binaries that fix several bugs and add some features like an UI for ECM audit/monitoring

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