[Subscription Release] eXo ECM 2.0.2

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eXo ECM 2.0.2 is now available from the eXo customer portal.

Here are the fixes available in that version.

As usual, those fixes will also be available in the next ECM version (2.1) available from the OW2 forge


  • [ECM-2298] – sql clause “order by” fails when written in upper case
  • [ECM-2304] – modifications not kept when edit a reference field in edit document window
  • [ECM-2307] – Can not enrol node
  • [ECM-2313] – Nothing happen when delete workspace has the same name with deleted workspaces
  • [ECM-2320] – Error in showing content of document after viewing related document
  • [ECM-2346] – [Unknown error] when do simple search with some special characters
  • [ECM-2353] – Error in [Select user] form when add permission for user to node
  • [ECM-2374] – Exception when managing the same workflow task in two Portal sessions


  • [ECM-2360] – Upgrade to portal 2.1.1 with ecm 2.0.2
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