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eXo Platform South East Asia participated at the third FOSS Bridge conference which took place in Hanoi on November 14th. FOSS Bridge is a European sponsored program aimed at increasing synergies and partnerships between Europe and Vietnam around Free and Open Source Software. Many relevant topics were discussed, from licensing models to benefits of using Open Source software. The International Open Source Network (IOSN) organization produced an outstanding presentation. Its members promote Open Source Software as a strong catalyst to help emerging Asian-Pacific countries sustain their social and economic development. Finally, some demonstrations of popular Open Source softwares were made, as well as a tutorial on Open Office 3.0.

Some FOSS Bridge participants
Some FOSS Bridge participants

Hung and I hold a presentation there. After introducing eXo Platform South East Asia, we depicted some of our major products : eXo Portal, eXo WebOS, eXo Enterprise Content Management, eXo Web Content Management, eXo Collaboration Suite and eXo Knowledge Suite. We finally touched on the coming eXo Social.

This was also an opportunity for us to promote our vision of “Open Source made in Vietnam”. eXo Platform is the largest Open Source project developed in Vietnam. In Hanoi, 50 open source experts are daily involved in the development of our platform. eXo has been developed step by step and mainly focused on the European, Middle East and African markets so far. That’s why eXo deserves to be more popular in Vietnam and more largely in South East of Asia. Our plan is to make partnerships with local IT companies and promote eXo products as domestic solutions for the domestic market. This will allow those partners not to reinvent the wheel when working on customer projects. Indeed, by reusing our middleware, they will be able to focus on the precise needs of their customers and also reduce costs in an economy threatened by the global crisis. By gaining experience and knowledge of our platform, those partners will also be able to remotely address the outsourcing needs of the markets where eXo is already widely adopted.

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