eXo Knowledge Suite online demo

Our latest product eXo Knowledge Suite has just reached its demo server.

eXo Knowledge Suite (KS) is currently composed of two applications : a FAQ manager and a Forums system. In an earlier post, we covered the features of these applications. For the impatients, you can get a quick overview on the take a tour page.

As usual, we leveraged eXo Portal and eXo JCR to build a consistent and powerful product that fits perfectly within the eXo products stack. KS can run on top of eXo Portal and eXo WebOS.

So, you wanted more participation in your portal ?  FAQ and Forum will help you wonderfully to reinforce collaboration and forge knowledge.

eXo KS is publicly available for download on OW2 forge and the online demo is waiting for you at:


For any question or feedback, we will be happy to hear from you at ks@exoplatform.com.

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