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Earlier this month, Janus Boye wrote this article

Janus is a well known ECM, Portal and Collaboration analyst and it is always a pleasure to be quoted in CMS Watch.

Nevertheless, we think that the sentence : “It is interesting though to note that portal vendors have added support for gadgets with some alacrity, including IBM in a royal wedding-like partnership in early 2007, JBoss in much hyped integration a few months later, and this week eXo as they released eXo Portal 2.5 with support of Google Gadgets.” does not reflect what we have released and may lead to think that eXo is a follower here.

But there is a huge gap between what IBM or Red Hat provides and our latest eXo Portal 2.5 release offers. Indeed, both Websphere Portal and JBoss Portal are merely gadget consumers, such gadgets are consumed from a remote gadget repository and displayed inside portlets.

Therefore they do not provide any control over the gadgets provided inside the enterprise and that’s my point. eXo Portal 2.5 is obviously a gadget consumer however it goes further than that and it innovates by providing the first Gadget repository for the enterprise:

  • Control the life cycle of your gadgets
  • Store gadgets in a local gadget repository
  • Import remote gadget into that repository (meaning that you acquire control over the gadget)
  • Edit the gadgets through the online gagdet editor tool
  • Edit gadgets from WebDAV allowing you to edit gadgets with your favorite IDE

To market that we were invited by Google to demo it at Google Devfest in South East Asia

Note also that this repository also support Open Social Gadgets (as part of eXo Social product)

Here are a set of screenshots to describe those new features:

1) List of existing gadgets


2) Create a new Gadget


3) Reference a remote gadget (stock one)


4) Successfully referenced the gadget, then import it into the local repository


5) Edit from the Web the imported Gadget to modify it


6) View it from the Dashboard


7) Edit it from your IDE thanks to the WebDAV protocol


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  1. I’d like to had that I think JBoss portal is using google’s server to render the gadgets. So this is probably not a good solution when you are behind the firewall.

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