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Last week I wrote a blog about: “Is OpenSocial hurting portals”

I have made a new video on how to use Gadgets and dynamic languages inside GateIn to quickly build REST APIs and Gadgets on a live GateIn instance

Build Mashups in GateIn from Benjamin Mestrallet on Vimeo.

What we show here:

– provide a simple text file with a list of adresses, deploy it on GateIn WebDAV drive
– Build with our online IDE a REST API on the cloud (using groovvy language and the JSR 311 specification) that read the content of that file and expose it as a REST service with a simple click
– Consume that REST service within a Gadget and use the Google maps API to do render a map that points to the adress from the file

All live… only on GateIn

By the way, this is also what I demoed at Google Devfest in Argentina:


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