eXo Plugin for Seesmic – Bringing the Social Intranet to the Desktop

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eXo first developed activity stream capabilities over 2 years ago – where updates can be published in real-time for users and groups. Then, we expanded this by building some extensions so even applications can publish activity streams as well – like our developer dashboard that generates (and mashes up) updates for Jira and Hudson.

To view, subscribe and respond to any type of feed, you had to be logged into the eXo portal interface (which is used as a customer intranet most of the time). Even as we transformed the typical intranet, modernizing it into a “social intranet”, it is still disconnected from frequently accessed social networks that users check and interact with everyday. Enterprise users want the usability features of the consumer web, which eXo Platform 3 provides. But what if they want to access their professional and personal feeds in the same place?

Seesmic Desktop is a tool a lot of us already turn to, for aggregating feeds from social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. When they approached us about a new initiative to build plug-ins for enterprise activity streams, we realized what a great benefit this could for our customers.

The eXo plugin for Seesmic Desktop is one of their first enterprise plugins (they announced a future Chatter plugin, plus a couple others), joining over 50 social network plugins already available. With this plugin, users can now access internal company feeds without having to be logged into the intranet. You can follow your co-workers and groups right alongside your other feeds, and publish your activities or comments into these streams as well.

This isn’t just about convenience for users, to see everything in one place. What’s really cool is that you could see conversation related to your company happening in the community – in Twitter for example – then quickly engage your co-workers within your company intranet feed and turn around a response. This means community development or “social media marketing” is more accessible and attainable for more companies.

Starting today, you can download the eXo plugin for Seesmic Desktop from the Seesmic Plugin Marketplace. This is linked with our demo server, running the Acme Social Intranet sample app that is included with eXo Platform 3, so you can test the complete functionality. If you’re an eXo Platform customer, you’ll be able to use the plugin with your own social intranet early next year.

Read more about the interop effort here. Or:

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