Platform 4.1 Release Candidate 1 is available for download!


We’ve just made the binaries of the eXo Platform 4.1 release candidate available for download.

Compared to the previous version, we have added:

As usual, we have also spent some time spraying the nasty bugs and polishing the rough edges. Check out the detailed change log.

To refresh your memory, the other main novelties in 4.1 are:

For those unfamiliar with our version scheme, this candidate release means that the 4.1 version is now feature complete. eXo QA teams will now focus on finalizing compatibility testing, and performance, security and cluster tests.

In addition, the doc team is on fire to update the documentation. They will keep you updated in this blog.

The release notes include instructions to upgrade from 4.1-M2 and from 4.0.7.

We have made sure that your upgrade will be as smooth as possible. This is no harder than a regular maintenance version update. But if you spot anything, please let us know.

It is now the right time for anyone to try it and report any outstanding issues before we release and ship the GA. Don’t wait any longer, download eXo Platform 4.1 RC1 and tell us what you think.

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