8 Intranet Content Ideas to Attract Employees to Your Intranet

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If you are running an intranet project, content can be your secret weapon to employee engagement and user adoption. Below are some ideas to get you going.

1. Food

Food-related content is the oldest trick in the intranet content book. All employees need to eat, plus food has become quite trendy these days. Post daily lunch options, whether they are offered internally or via external providers. Do some research on how things are prepared and sourced – this will surely interest everybody. Comparing what’s available with other places might also be of interest. Excel in food writing – whether you choose to joke about the taste or the calories or to praise it, just do it with style! Some food bloggers get millions of followers solely by describing food, so why shouldn’t you? More down to earth, everybody will glance at this content if only to get the info.

2. Your company’s successes and failures

Your audience (employees) are obviously very interested in your company’s business performance. Anything that boosts employee morale can be used. The stock price, client wins and financial metrics are the usual choices, but you can also use the success stories of internal teams, such as a successful product launch, better customer support metrics etc.
Also, if news is not so great, it still needs to be covered even if just to avoid the rumor mill. And good or bad, company performance news will drive employee traffic to the company intranet.

3. Curated content from your industry

One of the great ways to attract employees to a company intranet is to become a news hub with the best must-read content for your industry. If instead of compiling their own RSS feeds and doing their own research, employees could stay in the loop of the latest trends just by going to the company intranet, you will have no shortage of active users.

4. Star (CEO) related content

People magazines are extremely popular because we all love reading about people. Well, in your company you will surely have a couple of stars of your own, starting with your CEO. Anything related to your CEO will interest all of your intranet users (and potential users), so do not hesitate. With a tiny bit of work, you can create a regular column that can hit record reading numbers. Be careful to vary your approach – messages from the CEO to all employees are interesting, but the CEO’s take on the latest industry trends or their trip to another location might be even more interesting. Of course, a warm relationship with their PA is paramount to success.

5. Discover your company

Whatever your company size, organization and geographical spread, the chances are your employees do not know what their neighboring departments are doing precisely. Covering other geographical offices, different departments and people will improve your company’s cohesion and culture, while driving users to your company intranet.

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6. Events in your area

Imagine if you could go to your company intranet and read about the cool things happening after work in your office area or in the city? An open bar night, a comedy show, an open-air concert… Would you go and check such content daily?

7. Networking and professional events

Networking events merit a special bullet point. Wouldn’t it be cool to have all the relevant networking options listed on your intranet? Whether you choose to go or miss, you will not feel left out of the information loop and will not have to look for the information online or learn about it at the coffee machine.

8. Think outside the box

One of our clients posts pictures of floral compositions created to decorate the office by the florist used by the company. It has nothing to do with the company’s main business, but the posts have become a hit with the employees.
Try to think about what people do in your company. If you stumble on something unusual, try covering it and see!

Each of the above can become a regular column in your content calendar. If you have some other ideas that worked for you, do not hesitate to share!

Finally, two must-do things that we thought we needed to mention:
Make sure you post something new at least daily.
Be sure to publish exclusive stories on your intranet as much as you can – keep the cool fun content for your intranet to drive its adoption.

Let us know if the post has been helpful to you by leaving a comment or contacting us. Good luck in your collaboration initiative!

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