Benefits of the eXo Mobile App You Didn’t Know About

Benefits of eXo collaboration mobile app

This month marks the first year since the release of the new eXo mobile app and its switch from being a native to a hybrid mobile app. It’s a chance to look back at the rationale for this switch, uncover how organizations benefit from this hybrid app model in the context of a mobile collaboration platform, and where the eXo mobile experience is heading.

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Developing with Java Persistence API in eXo Platform

Developing with Java Persistence API in eXo Platform

eXo Platform 4.3 comes with an integration of JPA (Java Persistence API). JPA is a Java application programming interface specification that describes the management of relational data in Java applications. It is used to define how a Java class (called an entity) maps to a relational database table through standard annotations or XML. It also defines an EntityManager API for processing queries and transactions on the Java objects against the database.

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eXo Platform 4.3 Released: Collaborate Productively!

eXo Platform 4.3 Released: Collaborate Productively

I’m happy to announce that eXo Platform 4.3 has been released. The Enterprise edition is being shipped to customers starting today and a free trial can be downloaded!

After improving real-time collaboration and user engagement, eXo Platform 4.3 emphasizes productivity. Being able to collaborate productively is critical to our work experience. No matter if you are working alone or in a team, no matter if you are working on-site or remotely, no matter if you are working on your desktop computer or your mobile device, eXo Platform 4.3 will let you get more done, more easily.
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A Better Calling Experience with eXo Platform 4.3!


We announced that Platform 4.3 would be more concerned with productivity, so video calls deserved our attention in terms of the experience at work.
Being productive means achieving more work and being efficient, which is our first concern for every new feature or improvement we make. Video calls have a bunch of benefits, allowing you to boost your productivity in face-to-face meetings.

We want to improve the effectiveness of our users’ experience by providing better quality and stability for voice and video calls.
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Icon font and skin module add-on in eXo Platform 4.3


In eXo Platform 4.3, we migrated from our old sprite icons to a new beautiful icon font, which is one of the key components of our new responsive layout.
In this blogpost, we will explain why we used the icon font in eXo Platform and how it will help you to create your own skin for eXo easily.

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How to Compose an eXo Platform Docker


This guest post is extracted from an original article by Eric Taïeb Walch.Eric Taïeb Walch.

1. Introduction

This post explains how to build a dockerized eXo Platform following Docker’s core principle of “one task, one container.”

In this example, eXo platform will use MySql as the database to make it more production ready.

Also, eXo’s JCR data as well as MySql data will be stored in separate and dedicated Docker Data containers.
To link these containers, we will use the newly released docker-compose tool.
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Infographic: Baby Boomer Brain Drain

Infographic: Baby Boomer Brain Drain

According to an infographic by UNC, nearly 25 percent of the total US population is a baby boomer. Baby boomers are the people born between the years 1946 and 1964, and they currently make up 31 percent of the workforce. In 2011, the first baby boomers turned 65 years old and, by 2029, they will all be 65 years or older. When they retire, they will take with them important industry and company knowledge that will be difficult to replace. In fact, 62 percent of employers at Fortune 100 companies believe that future retirements will result in skilled labor shortages over the next 5 years.
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