Estimate your company’s intranet project cost in 7 steps


So you are thinking about modernizing your intranet and would like to estimate your return on investment for this project. Most software vendors and consulting firms focus on justifying the financial benefits of their solutions. On the investment (costs) side, vendors usually include only their own budget in their ROI calculations: the license and three year maintenance, some services for the project, some training, and voilà.
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6 Steps to Launch Your Social Collaboration Intranet

6 Steps to Launch Your Social Collaboration Intranet

Enterprise collaboration is a hot topic these days. Companies actively look for ways to modernize their internal communications and to collaborate more effectively, introducing new generation tools into their employees’ daily routines with efficiency gains in mind.

If you, too, are considering introducing some form of social collaboration into your organization—a collaborative intranet for example—keep in mind that human change management will account for 80 percent of your initiative’s success or failure. And contrary to common wisdom, the change management needs to start well before the actual tool introduction or even before a tool is chosen.

Below, we recap the steps that need to be followed BEFORE an actual social collaboration launch in order to start from a winning position and ultimately succeed.

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Hunting Unicorns: 5 Approaches to Measure Social Business ROI

We face two major measurement problems when trying to measure the impacts of social business software: demanding stakeholders and intangible outputs. To grant project sponsorship, the C-Suite wants to see how you will measure return on investment (ROI). Meanwhile, from a human perspective we can inherently understand the value of engagement, dialog and innovation in the workplace, but it’s very difficult to measure these intangibles in dollars and cents. How do we begin to quantify the impacts Topic: Social Business.

eXo Platform‘s insight:

How do we begin to quantify the impacts of social business software on organizations or are we simply trying to chase a proverbial unicorn?

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