Four Ways to Use an Enterprise Wiki

Four Ways to Use an Enterprise Wiki

Enterprise wikis are designed to be simple collaborative documentation engines and easy to use in a corporate context.

One of the intents of a wiki is to avoid formal publication and limit formatting options. Unlike CMSs, wikis focus on allowing people to read and contribute content. The collaborative model of a wiki explicitly encourages broad and open participation.

Despite its laudable intentions, the wiki software packages remain very generic tools for free collaboration. So where to start? How can a company leverage its Enterprise Wiki? Here are some use cases that we’ve seen with our customers.
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The new Codenvy is a game changer and everybody benefits


Twenty months ago we spun off one of our eXo projects into a new company, Codenvy, and raised $9 million to launch it.

It was one of the best decisions we ever made: it gave the project the capital, resources, and focus it needed to fulfil the vision’s potential.

After more than two years of development involving 50 developers, Codenvy reloaded three weeks ago.
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BPM and Workflows Inside Your Intranet with Bonita Extension 2.0 for eXo Platform

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new add-on: Bonita Extension 2.0. You can now integrate, view and launch Bonita workflows directly in eXo Platform. While the integration is not new, this new version was designed to run with the latest versions of eXo Platform 4.0 and Bonita 6.2.

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eXo’s Support Knowledge Base is Now Open! Learn from eXo Customer Inquiries and Use Cases!

Because we care about our customers and our community, eXo is opening up its internal support knowledge base (KB).

Cool, but what is the support knowledge base?

The support knowledge base is a collection of pages. Each page has a query that one of eXo’s customers has faced when using eXo Platform.

Each query is followed by a technical analysis and a solution or a workaround to help resolve the issue.

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Team Collaboration, Video Conferencing in eXo Chat and Why You Can Drop Skype Now

When we decided to redesign eXo Chat from scratch, we wanted to make it collaborative, just like we did with our social intranet. An enterprise social network is a nice tool for bringing interactions and socialization into your company’s intranet, but without collaborative tools at its core, will you be more efficient?

We think social networking and collaboration need to work together, providing new ways to interact. eXo Platform is all about that combination; it’s easy to use and intuitive but still very powerful.

eXo Chat is a new tool to bring real-time collaboration into your social network.

Today, we’re very happy to introduce some great new features in eXo Chat. We think that collaboration from within Chat will change how people interact and work together.

So, let’s take a look at these new features.

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How Would You Like Your Emails to Get Updates From Your Intranet?

After announcing that we’re doing specifications openly and publicly, I’d like to inaugurate something I hope will become a regular habit: talking about an upcoming feature.

For today, I picked the Social Email Notifications specification, because it has been stable for a while and development of the associated features is already in the works. But there’s still time to make changes. So if you see something odd, please speak out loud.

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eXo as the Platform of Choice for the OW2 OpenCloudware Project


For 18 months, eXo has participated in the OW2 OpenCloudware project. The main idea is to create an open source PaaS (Platform as a Service) to allow users to develop applications in the Cloud. When we say development, we think about all application lifecycle steps, from development to deployment, through build, tests, integration, qualification and maintenance. Users will be able to create a complete distributed enterprise application in an automated way, and then deploy it to multiple IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions.

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Featured Contributions from the Community Website: From Developments to Use Cases

Ask the Community

From developing applications to sharing specific use cases, the eXo Community is helping eXo Platform users to leverage the best of the platform. Here are the best contributions that caught our attention:

1/ Building an e-Learning System on top of eXo Platform 4
2/ Japanese Language: Character Support and Search Feature
3/ eXo Platform 4 Community Tutorial: Integrating the Project in Eclipse and Using an External MySQL Database

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Discover our Community website, now running our very own eXo Platform 4!


We just migrated our community website to eXo Platform 4 and this will no doubt be a huge improvement for our community. Let’s discover what this change means, what new features have been added, and how these changes will affect the way you interact with other community members.

For non-community members, this is also a nice opportunity for you to discover what you can do with eXo Platform 4 as we enabled most of its services. You can evaluate the product in a production environment by signing up with the community at

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Portlet Development in eXo Platform with JSF and RichFaces (Part 3/3)

One of the greatest strengths of the eXo Platform is that it integrates a lot of features, such as content management and collaboration or social capabilities.

After the development of a JSF 2 / RichFaces portlet, and the integration of the Content Management capabilities of the eXo Platform, we will learn, in this third tutorial, how to leverage the eXo Platform social features in your own business portlets. To do so, we will start from the portlet created in the previous tutorial and post an activity in the user’s activity stream when he buys a product.

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