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Portal Framework


Certified JSR-286 container, WSRP support and OpenSocial container. This facilitates the integration and reuse of 3rd party apps developed with your favorite framework (including JSF, Spring, GWT).

Role-Based Delivery of Content and Apps

Role-based policies aggregate and display certain pages, content, gadgets and portlets depending on logged-in user's roles.


Easy page and layout management using drag and drop and WYSIWYG editors. Highly skinnable for implementing a website with any brand design.

Authentication and Security

Compatible with major SSO solutions (CAS, JOSSO and OpenSSO) and JAAS, the standard authentication and authorization mechanism for JEE.

Multilingual Support

Available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. Easily translatable to other languages. Localization support for Right-To-Left languages.

Content Management

Website Creation

Build advanced websites by developing or extending templates. Content can be added easily in both frontend and backend. Select a display location, specify internal and external links, insert images, set permissions and add categories. Preview, save as a draft or publish. Add any media file type to the media library, and easily navigate all available media content using the site explorer.

Multi-Site Support

Build intranets, extranets and corporate websites using the same platform; share users, content and applications between sites.

Publishing and SEO

Use the built-in content publication workflow, or create and plug in your own. Edit mode allows content authors to view publication status on the front end and publish in one click. Easily edit page metadata, such as keywords and descriptions, generate sitemaps, and control robot properties to optimize the visibility of your website.

Document Management

Store and manage file documents in an xCMIS-compliant repository. Take advantage of version history, rollbacks, votes, comments and more.

BPM and Workflow

Bonita Open Solution

eXo Platform integrates with BonitaSoft’s Bonita Open Solution, the leading open source Business Process Management (BPM) solution.

BPM Console

Manage processes and display form-based applications generated by Bonita Open Solution via the embedded Bonita User Experience console.

Shared Document Library

Browse and manage process-related documents via the Content Explorer using a dedicated drive.

Content Publication Workflow

A built-in content publication process and WCM extension make it easy to publish content via a Bonita workflow form application.

Migration Kit

Existing Bonita Open Solution customers can extend their system with eXo Platform for Bonita and preserve all their existing processes and documents.


Edit your profile with information about your professional background and skills. Find co-workers with related or relevant knowledge and experience and connect with others in your organization through the people directory.


Create your own collaboration spaces complete with dashboards, discussion forums, calendars, and documents. Allow any user to create a collaborative space and invite other users to join.

Activity Streams

Stay updated on the information and activities taking place in your spaces, and follow the activities of the people with whom you are connected.


OpenSocial-compliant gadget container supports oAuth, REST and RPC Social APIs.

Collaboration & Knowledge Management


Full-featured enterprise wiki improves knowledge capture and sharing.


Full-featured enterprise message board with built-in security, rating, polls and moderation.


Complete and integrated calendar allows users to manage multiple personal and group agendas and share them with others. Import and export iCal events, free/busy status, check your invitees' agendas and set event reminders.

Answers & FAQ

Build and manage your users’ knowledge assets via a powerful Q&A system.


Web-Based Code Editor

Enables live development via an advanced multi-file editor with code highlighting, undo/redo capabili- ties, formatting and line numbering capabilities. Syntax highlighting for XML, HTML, Groovy, JavaScript and CSS files.

WCM Template Editing

Allow live changes to the way content is displayed.

REST Services & Mashup Development Tools

Develop, test and deploy REST services using the JAX-RS API. Leverage the flexibility of the Groovy language to quickly create services. Preview and debug functions for Gadgets (OpenSocial-compatible based on Apache Shindig), to facilitate easier mashup development.


Native iOS and Android Apps

Our native iPad, iPhone and Android apps p integrate easily and securely with sites built on eXo Platform, providing an engaging social intranet experience on-the-go.

News Feed

Receive messages from coworkers, follow your group's latest activities, and collaborate in real-time. You can also see when changes are made to the wiki pages, forums, calendars or documents you consider essential to your work.


Easily access your documents using your mobile device's native document viewers, for a more user-friendly experience. eXo Platform's document management capabilities synchronize user permissions across the social intranet.

Instant Access to Gadgets & Dashboards

Extend your mobile functionalities by accessing any app deployed in your gadget dashboard. This opens endless possibilities as you can easily build a new gadget on your desktop, deploy it to a dashboard, and instantly access it from your mobile app.


Multi-tenant Support

With its unique in-VM multi-tenant capabilities, eXo Platform is ready for the cloud. For customers adopting cloud technologies, eXo Platform enables deployments on private or public clouds. You can host several tenants per server and scale efficiently.

Additional Value


Connect to a number of enterprise LDAP directories, such as OpenLDAP or ActiveDirectory. Alternative packaging supports major application servers including Tomcat, JBoss. Monitor deployments via JMX.


Extensive documentation for end users, developers (Reference and Developer Guides) & administrators.

Community Resources

Videos, tutorials, plugins and more are freely available in the eXo Resource Center to help you get started.

Sample Applications

Sample applications of the Acme Social Intranet and Acme Website are provided to help you get started quickly and easily with your eXo Platform projects.

Gadget Pack

Create custom dashboards from a selection of ready-to-use gadgets to provide a richer, more engaging experience for end users. Gadgets are also available for developers, admins and content editors.

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