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What's New in eXo Platform 3.5?

Highlights of eXo Platform 3.5


A full-featured wiki has been added to the list of user experience platform capabilities. Many customers have asked for this so we're proud to be able to deliver it. We have included all you can expect from an enterprise wiki solution: wysiwyg, watches, macros, permissions, search, pagetree, versioning and more. In addition, we designed the Wiki application to work smoothly with the rest of eXo Platform's capabilities, with particular attention given to the integration with the enterprise social features (networks, activity streams etc).

New Look

The look and feel of all the built-in apps was refreshed for eXo Platform 3.5, with the goal of greater simplicity and enhanced readability. The new theme is lighter and designed to fit well with the graphic requirements of your portal. The default portal skin has also been redesigned to include more modern buttons and tabs.

Social Improvements

The enterprise social features have been fully redesigned to provide a more appealing and easier-to-use daily work experience. The activity stream now provides a single, consolidated view of all streams.

Directories for People and Spaces, which allow you to browse and search your available connections and workspaces, are now more compact visually and easier to use.

As before, each dedicated space within an intranet has its own set of apps (calendar, membership controls, discussion forums, activity streams, etc). In eXo Platform 3.5, these apps are presented in tabs, which is easier and more intuitive to navigate visually.

Desktop Mode

eXo Platform 3.5 introduces a new Desktop mode, which allows you to run all applications in a familiar windowed environment.

Richer Social Intranet Sample Application

The Acme Social Intranet, the sample app we introduced in eXo Platform 3.0, has proven to be a very useful way for customers to evaluate the rich capabilities of the platform within a familiar context. We expanded it significantly for eXo Platform 3.5, so it's now a full featured social intranet that you can actually use as-is. We tuned it by including wiki and calendars, as well as a very engaging homepage.

Native Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps for eXo Platform 3.5 provide secure access to your personalized dashboards and other social intranet functions, directly from your iPad, iPhone or Android device. Find your dashboards, interact with your activity streams, access your documents, or chat with your colleagues.

Acme Sample Website Improvements

The sample website that comes bundled with eXo Platform 3.5, from the fictitious company Acme, showcases even richer functionality, to demonstrate what kind of website you can build with eXo.

  • Refreshed look and feel: the shiny new design highlights the UI customization capabilities of eXo Platform.
  • Rich content: learn how to build advanced content types with our rich sample product info page, which includes an image gallery, tabs, video and documents - all backed by a clean data structure.
  • Navigation by category: with this extension, you can manage your site's navigation in full or part, by tying it to the taxonomy tree.

Remote Calendars

Connect your eXo social intranet's calendar to your other remote calendars, such as Google Calendar. eXo synchronizes them automatically via CalDAV.

Mail Account Delegation

Mail accounts can now be delegated to other users within your eXo social intranet. This has been a frequently requested feature in corporate environments, either for executive assistant delegation or for teams operating on functional mailboxes. A mailbox's access permissions can be restricted to read-only if required.

WCM Improvements

The WCM capabilities in eXo Platform 3.5 offer several enhancements that improve the productivity of content authors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functions are now available for WCM content publishers. On each page, a dialog box allows the user to set web page metadata, such as keywords and description, and manage the sitemap.xml.

With the Inline Edit mode, content authors can now easily edit any content from the front-end in a sigle click. One-click content publication is also possible.

In the back office, content creation has been improved too, starting with a user-friendly document type selector.

WCM usability enhancements also include new controls that let you save, close, maximize the editing area, or even change the document type.

Cloud Readiness

Support for multi-tenancy deployment options includes the option to host isolated portals on a single auto-scalable instance of eXo Platform 3.5. The unique integration capabilities and extensive set of UXP features enable enterprises, service providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to build their own private and public cloud offerings with immediate productivity.

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