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Build a Web 2.0 Website

Build Next-Generation Websites with Web 2.0 Features

Innovations in the consumer web have become mainstream. End users now expect websites to facilitate information sharing, collaboration, and social interactions, while web developers need to be able to build these rich user-centric websites in less time. In addition, enterprise Java applications that were originally built around relational databases are missing many modern features in their web interfaces. Using eXo Platform 3.5, Java developers can create new websites and extend existing applications with Web 2.0 features, to significantly improve the user's experience.

Social-Enabled Websites

With support for the OpenSocial specification, eXo Platform provides the tools web developers need to transform websites into social networking communities. Add rich user profile and activity stream capabilities with eXo Social to foster connections and interactions between website users.

Development in the Cloud

Using gadgets, REST services, and the powerful web-based IDE, every phase of web application development can be completed in the cloud. eXo provides many out-of-the-box apps to add functionality such as Collaboration, Social and Knowledge management to a website, and all the tools developers need to create customized services and gadgets.

Powerful REST API Framework

eXo provides the REST API framework that allows web developers to extend their websites. Add RSS and other user interactivity features, or build mashups to use website data in more meaningful ways.


eXo gives developers the freedom to use any JavaScript framework, including Google Web Toolkit (GWT), JQuery, YUI, and Dojo. Using eXo Platform's gadget development tools, it's simple to integrate third-party applications built with other languages or frameworks, such as RoR (Ruby), Django (Python), Grails (Groovy), PHP and others.

Video Demo: Creating Web Content

Web Content Management (WCM) tools have made website publishing accessible to nearly everyone. With eXo Platform's WCM tools, it is easy to launch and begin building web pages in minutes.

Learn how to create a new page and add content in this Video Demo.

Video Demo: Customizations with CSS & JavaScript

Look-and-feel and usability features can have a significant impact on the user experience of a site. Web developers can customize their eXo-based websites with CSS and JavaScript. Features that simplify content presentation, such as allowing the user to expand or collapse content modules, allow visitors to find information quickly.

Learn how to use CSS and JavaScript to customize a site with eXo Content in this Video Demo.

Video Demo: Building Mashups with GateIn

GateIn, the open source portal framework project co-developed by eXo and Red Hat / JBoss, is at the heart of eXo Platform. With support for the OpenSocial gadget specification, it allows developers to quickly build gadgets and mashups.

Learn more about using GateIn as a mashup development platform in this Video Demo.

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