Executive Team

  • Benjamin Mestrallet, Founder & CEO

    Benjamin Mestrallet

    Founder & CEO

  • Veronika Mazour, Chief Operating Officer

    Veronika Mazour

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Patrice Lamarque, Chief Product Officer

    Patrice Lamarque

    Chief Product Officer

  • Frederic Drouet, Chief Technology Officer

    Frederic Drouet

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Oualid Chaker, EVP of Worldwide Sales

    Oualid Chaker

    EVP of Worldwide Sales

  • Charles Magral, EVP of Client services

    Charles Magral

    EVP of Client services

  • Shazia Ben Jafaar, VP of Customer Satisfaction

    Shazia Ben Jaâfar

    VP of Customer Satisfaction

  • Wassim Zlitni, VP of Demand Generation

    Wassim Zlitni

    VP of Demand Generation

  • Hatem Bouhamed, VP of Finances

    Hatem Bouhamed

    VP of Finance

Advisors and board members

  • Carlos Diaz, Chairman of the Board

    Carlos Diaz

    Chairman of the Board

  • Benjamin Mestrallet, CEO, Board member

    Benjamin Mestrallet

    Founder & CEO
    Board member

  • Veronika Mazour, Co-founder & COO, Board member

    Veronika Mazour

    Chief Operating Officer
    Board member

  • Philippe Granger, Investor, Board member

    Philippe Granger

    Board member

  • Bob Bickel, Advisor

    Bob Bickel


  • Patrick Chanzon,  Advisor

    Patrick Chanezon


  • Sasha Labourey, Advisor

    Sasha Labourey


  • Edwin Khodabakchian, Advisor

    Edwin Khodabakchian


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