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Business model & licensing

1. What is a subscription?

eXo sells subscriptions rather than licenses, which are increasingly the standard among software editors. As a rule, a subscription gives the right to use the software and gives access to maintenance and support during the subscription validity period. What’s in it for you:
  • Save budget to focus on setup and rollout rather than software license
  • Freedom to cancel at every renewal (which means we always do our very best to satisfy you)
  • Professional support and maintenance programs
  • Free access to all future versions

2. What is included in the eXo subscription?

All subscriptions include:
  • The right to use the current software version
  • Free access to all future versions of the software
  • Access to global support
  • Software maintenance program
  Other things may be included depending on your edition choice. Finally, our full range of professional services is available on-demand solely to subscription holders.

3. My company is accustomed to purchasing software licenses, not subscriptions. What is the difference?

A software license gives the right to use a particular software version, usually forever. In addition to the license, the customer separately pays an annual support and maintenance fee. A subscription to software gives the right to use the software and gives access to maintenance and support during the subscription validity period. When this period expires, the customer either renews the subscription and enjoys the same privileges for another period or cancels his subscription and stops using the software. The key differences are as follows:
  • In the first year, the cost of a license is much higher than that of a subscription, as the customer virtually pre-pays several years of software use. In the subsequent years, the cost of a subscription is higher than that of the maintenance fee
  • Usually, a license purchase is treated as a capital expenditure in terms of budgeting structure, while a subscription is treated as operational expenditure
  • In the first year, within a fixed budget, paying for a license decreases budget allocation possibilities to other areas of the project, such as customization services
  • In theory, a license gives the right to a perpetual use of a particular version of the software. For future versions of the software, a new license needs to be purchased. Therefore, in practice, licenses are used for up to 3 years after which the software usually needs upgrading. Subscriptions on the other hand always include the current version of the software

4. Do you offer a license pricing?

As a rule, eXo follows a subscription-based model, which is increasingly the standard among software editors. However, we do structure license deals upon request.

5. How is a user defined? What is an active user?

We define users as enabled user accounts on your eXo Platform instance, with no further distinction to be made.
Standard legal documentation can be found here or accessed through the website footer.
We accommodate no alterations to the agreement for the Professional subscription. For Enterprise subscriptions, it depends on the particular request.  

8. I am software vendor and want to embed eXo into my software offer. Can I do that?

Yes, through our OEM offer. Contact our sales team to become a partner.

Pricing & Discounts

1. What will be the exact price of my solution?

All organizations are unique and present a unique set of needs and requirements for their collaboration solution. The exact price of your solution will depend upon your requirements in terms of deployment architecture, project scope, desired support level and number of users. Contact us to discuss your project.

2. Which edition will be best for my project?

Obviously, it very much depends on the project. Some examples:
  • If you are a small organization or department and seek a ready-to-go, out-of-the-box, collaboration solution - we recommend our Professional edition
  • If you are a 500-employee company building a customer extranet and need a mission-critical deployment - we recommend our Enterprise Plus edition
  • If you are a 800-employee company building an employee community - we recommend our Enterprise edition
Contact us to discuss your project.

3. Which services are included in the subscription price?

Support services are included in the subscription price. Other services are purchased separately.

4. Are there any hidden costs? Start-up fees?

No. There are no compulsory start-up services bundled with your subscription.

5. What will happen to my pricing next year, upon renewal?

Our fees increases are limited to a standard maximum of 7% a year.

6. Are there any discounts for academic institutions?

We offer a 20% discount on our Professional edition prices to eligible academic institutions. No discounts are offered on other editions. Eligible institutions include public accredited K12 schools, public libraries and public colleges.

7. Are there any discounts for non-profit organizations?

We offer a 20% discount on our Professional edition prices for non-profit organizations. No discounts are offered on other editions. In the United States, the organizations must be a qualified 501(c)(3) public charity as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Outside of the United States, organizations must be an equivalent of a US public charity. Eligible organizations must also operate on a not-for-profit basis and have a mission to benefit the local community.


1. How can I evaluate the product before purchasing?

Start by visiting our Tribe community to get a sneak peek at a live implementation of eXo Platform for a community management use case. There, you can even test drive some of the platform’s functionality using ‘My Applications’ and the Sandbox space. You can also contact us to discuss setting up a personalized demo or a dedicated and more in-depth testing environment suited to your use cases.

2. What is the ordering process? How can I get a quote?

If our Professional plan does not meet your requirements, click on the “Request a custom quote” button above or click here. After you complete and submit a short form, a user experience specialist will reach out to you to discuss your goals. If eXo’s solutions appear to meet your needs, you will be put in touch with a sales representative, who will discuss your requirements further and build a personalized quote.

3. I would like to evaluate eXo and install the trial on my server. What will happen upon the trial expiration?

Upon your trial expiration, a colored banner will be permanently displayed over your software, inviting you to purchase a subscription to continue with your work.

4. I asked for a custom quote/demo and no one got back to me! What can I do?

In our experience, one of the three things probably happened:
  • You tried to contact us without using a contact us form, by answering our newsletter email for instance. The latter do get treated differently, hence possible delays. Therefore, the best way to reach out to us quickly is to fill in a contact us form. This also ensures that we have the right contact details to reach you.
  • We did try to contact you but failed. We do deal with 100% of our contact us forms and have controls in place to ensure that not a single form falls through the cracks. We use the phone number that you have provided as our first choice, and send you several emails if we fail to reach you by phone. Chances are all of the above are sitting in your message box, inboxes (if you have several emails) or spam folder.
  • We have not had time to contact you yet. It can take us up to 48 business hours to reach out to you, with occasional delays due to holidays.
If none of the above applies, use this emergency email to contact us - contact@exoplatform.com. Please make sure to specify your full name, contact information and the subject of your request. P.S. Advertising emails and contact us forms are not answered.

Payment terms

1. What are your payment terms?

Our subscriptions are paid annually upfront. Pre-defined service packages and hosting packages are paid upfront. Payment terms are contractual for other services. Click here for detailed terms and conditions.

2. Do you offer monthly / quarterly / multi-annual payment terms?

We offer annual and multi-annual payment terms.

3. What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day refund for subscriptions purchased online. There are no refunds for services.


1. What are your support guidelines (SLA)?

We offer three levels of support: basic, standard and premium. The Basic level provides web support during standard business hours for 10 tickets per year and one named contact. It is included in our out-of-the-box Professional subscription. The Standard level provides web support during standard business hours for 25 tickets per year and three named contacts. The Premium level provides 24/7 web and phone ongoing support for unlimited tickets and five named contacts.   Detailed SLAs for each support level can be found here.

2. Do you offer 24/7/365 support?

Yes, as part of our Premium level support, available with Enterprise Plus edition.

3. How will I contact the support?

When you purchase a subscription, you will be assigned a private client space on our Tribe, where you can submit tickets and privately interact with our support team. Support operations are covered in detail here.

4. Do you offer end-user support?

Our support services are intended to be used by technical crew and/or power users like administrators. We don’t provide any pre-defined end-user helpdesk.

Software Maintenance

1. What’s your typical product maintenance lifecycle ?

Customers benefit from a full-featured software maintenance program with an associated support services policy. eXo Platform major versions can be supported and maintained for up to 7 years. Our maintenance program is covered in detail here

2. What is your version policy? How often is a new version released?

We release Major, Minor and Maintenance versions. Major versions may introduce significant architectural changes and require migration. Minor versions represent evolutions over a Major stream and are designed to be compatible and provide seamless upgrades. Maintenance versions deal with stability, security and performance enhancements and are designed to be drop-in replacements. There is no pre-established rhythm for Major versions. Minor versions are usually expected to ship every 8 to 12 months and Maintenance versions are released every 3 to 6 months. Read our Maintenance Program page for full details.


1. Is your product cloud based or on-premise

You can install the product on-premise. We can also host and manage your instance for you. Both options are available for all plans.

2. Can you host and manage eXo Platform deployment?

Yes, we can host and manage your eXo Platform instance on our cloud infrastructure. See Cloud Hosting.

3. Where will my server be located?

Currently, we leverage the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. Therefore, we can host your eXo instance in any of Google’s datacenters in North America, Europe, or Asia.

4. Is my data secure?

Yes. Your eXo Platform instance sits on Google Cloud Platform servers. Google is a leader in world-class cloud infrastructure, and their security policies and compliance are among the strongest in the market and a key reason why we chose to work with them. Learn more on their security page.

5. What is your backup policy?

We do daily backups during a maintenance window at a time you choose. The downtime for a backup is usually less than 10 minutes. The default backup retention delay is 7 days, and backups can be restored on demand.

6. How do I get software updates?

We automatically install software updates during your maintenance window when they are available. No action is needed on your side.

7. Can I use add-ons in my hosted instance?

We can install any supported add-on on demand. All you need to do is create a support ticket.

8. Can I use a custom domain name?

Yes. You would need to send us an SSL certificate for the chosen domain and update your DNS records as per our instructions. The provided SSL certificate must be issued from an official certification authority.

9. Can I integrate my hosted instance with my on-premise IT systems?

Our operations team can work with yours to integrate the systems. We can set up your instance with things such as VPN tunneling, syncing with Active Directory, or SSO authentication. These services are provided upon request; additional fees may apply.

10. How much data can I use?

Your instance can store up to 1GB per registered user and consume a bandwidth of up to 500MB per user per month. If more is needed, you may contact us for a personalized quote.

11. Can I get an SSH access to my server?

eXo Hosting is a managed offer and is managed by the eXo operations team only. You can use the service, but you don’t get access to the physical server.


1. Can you provide a specific development?

Yes. We provide a full scope of services with regards to our product. Where it comes to a specific development, it can be done as part of your project scope, for your use only. In that case, it will be estimated and included in your project cost. Alternatively, some specific developments can be included in our product roadmap. In that case, preferential rates will apply. Only developments that agree with our overall product strategy may be considered for the latter.

2. Do you provide end-user training?

Yes. We provide a full array of end-user training. Consult our services page for more information.
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