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Version in progress: 4.4
Last Updated  
| Nov 28th, 2016
4.4 Desktop Notification

eXo Platform 4.4 has added Desktop Notifications to alert users on a new message received in the chat through the web browser.

4.4 Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch, the highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine is now embedded in eXo Platform 4.4.

4.4 Forum Posts More Compact

The forum posts have been slightly redesigned for improved readability on mobile.

4.4 Add Event tools in 1:1 chat Rooms

Create calendar events from any chat conversation, including 1:1 rooms.

4.4 No more Add Task buttons from Calendar

To avoid confusion with eXo Tasks, app, tasks can not longer be created from the Calendar app.

4.4 Searching for People

The search engine is now tolerant to typos, meaning it can find results even if you searched with wrong accent or missed a letter in the name you're looking for.

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