Key Benefits of the eXo Enterprise Plus Edition

eXo Enterprise plus

All the benefits of the Enterprise edition

  • Everything you need for digital collaboration
  • Integrated with your environment and tools
  • Extensible to fit your evolving needs
  • Software maintenance and free access to future versions

eXo Enterprise edition plus premium support

Smooth business-critical operations with 24/7 on-going support

The Enterprise Plus edition provides premium support so you can minimize the risks of your mission-critical deployment and stay protected at all times. Our global support teams helps you around the clock (24/7) with ongoing status updates. Unlimited support cases ensure that you can get help with any issue. A dedicated support contact, who is aware of your deployment history, simplifies the support process for you and ensures the best, fastest outcome.

eXo enterprise plus architecture

Highly scalable and available architecture

eXo Enterprise Plus customers successfully deploy the platform in demanding environments with hundreds of thousands users. Horizontal scalability is ensured with cluster deployment; the environment can be scaled up to peak loads with no production downtime. High availability architecture is also possible through fault-tolerant cluster deployment, ensuring that mission-critical operations stay up during system or server failures.

eXo Enterprise plus edition unlimited users

Full control of your deployment costs

Your subscription size depends on your deployment constraints and allows unlimited users. Furthermore, your budget remains stable if you experience high turnover or if your company grows—there’s no need to purchase an additional subscription for each new employee. Furthermore, you do not have to pay for new versions; they are included in your budget regardless of how many users you have.

Who Benefits the Most from the eXo Enterprise Plus Edition?

  • Large businesses that would like to use digital collaboration as a core component of their processes
  • Organizations with business-critical requirements, such as high availability and 24/7 professional support
  • IT departments that need to rationalize the number of collaboration tools and costs involved
  • Organizations that need a platform capable of adapting to and evolving with their business needs

Learn how a French regional government succeeded in boosting knowledge sharing and collaboration between thousands of collaborators.

Common Questions

The price of your subscription will depend on your deployment architecture, project scope, and your desired support level. Contact us to discuss your project.

eXo products offer a wide range of eligible environments to integrate with your IT preferences, such as Windows Server, Linux, Tomcat, JBoss EAP, Oracle, MSSQL Server, MySQL, and Active Directory. Click here for a detailed list of eligible environments.

The subscription does not limit the number of servers used; instead, it will be sized in line with your real usage of server cores.

The Enterprise Plus edition offers Standard or Premium support for an unlimited number of support cases. Premium support also provides ongoing, 24/7 support. For detailed support guidelines, visit our SLA page.

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