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The Subsecretary of State Taxation (SET) is under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance of Paraguay and is considered the oldest of the secretaries of the state of Paraguay.

The role of SET is to achieve an effective, efficient and transparent tax administration oriented to the taxpayer. It works with the fulfillment of the role of the state and supports the development of the country.


The digitalisation of the tax process has become a necessity for governmental organisations. Both taxpayers and agents need and expect the latest technologies to facilitate the different stages of the process, from filling and submitting tax returns to paying tax due and updating different information.

In its quest to modernise its intranet portal, the Subsecretary of State Taxation (SET) decided to renew its intranet portal. The decision was driven by the willingness of SET to provide taxpayers, agents and staff with a portal capable of digitising the tax process, reducing the reliance on manual document processing and paperwork and increasing staff efficiency.

Why eXo?

SET decided to partner with eXo for the renewal of its intranet portal. The partnership was made possible thanks to the ability of the platform to cover most of SET’s recurrent needs.

With eXo’s advanced content management capabilities, platform administrators have the ability to customise the portal based on their needs. Furthermore, the open source nature of eXo Platform facilitated the integration with third-party applications and legacy systems needed to perform certain operations within the platform.

The impact

Easy access to information

The portal was deployed in 2011 with the assistance of our local partner Datasystem. Since the introduction of the portal, our teams of experts and consultants have made continuous visits on site to ensure its smooth implementation and to provide administrators and staff members with adequate training.

The portal was well received and widely adopted by taxpayers, agents and staff members. It is currently used by over 1000 agents to perform a variety of operations throughout the different stages of the tax collection process. Since the portal targets both the general public and SET staff, it consists of two main modules:

  • A public portal. Designed for taxpayers and agents, the public portal contains general information and guidelines. It also allows individuals to fill and submit tax forms and change their profiles.

  • An intranet. The intranet allows SET staff to process forms and documents with its integrated document management system. This has contributed to eliminate paperwork and significantly reduce the time spent manually transferring information to the computer system.

Administrators can configure the portal based on their needs and continuously monitor usage and performance. The success of the portal has made SET renew its trust in eXo over the years. Additionally, SET recently expressed its willingness to try and adopt other features of the platform, namely the social and collaborative features.

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