Benefits of the eXo Mobile App You Didn’t Know About

Benefits of eXo collaboration mobile app

This month marks the first year since the release of the new eXo mobile app and its switch from being a native to a hybrid mobile app. It’s a chance to look back at the rationale for this switch, uncover how organizations benefit from this hybrid app model in the context of a mobile collaboration platform, and where the eXo mobile experience is heading.

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Cartoon of the Week: Any plans for the “AWS S3 breakdown”?

Amazon AWS S3

Amazon’s S3 web-based storage service experienced a breakdown on tuesday, leading to a wave of panic.

This led to the service being either partially or fully broken on websites utilizing Amazon’s Web Services. Not only that, but a number of apps and  IoT products that rely on the technology were also affected during the downtime.

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5 things traditional Intranet Portals fail at

traditional intranet portal

Traditional Intranet portals appeared in the 90s. Organized following enterprise organisation charts present static information to each employee depending on their department.

They were an innovative way to communicate at the time, especially when compared to an email or a paper newsletter. Intranets gained wide entrance into organizations of different sizes and profiles.

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Discover the Salesforce and eXo integration

Salesforce integration for eXo Platform

At eXo, through our solutions, we strive to limit your work silos and when necessary we create bridges between them. That is why I am pleased to show you today how we are now letting our clients’ sales teams become more efficient by leveraging the talents available in their company.

With our new integration between Salesforce and eXo Platform, your company’s business performance will improve thanks to collaborative sales practices.

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Cartoon of the Week: Robots to hide in a fiscal paradise after Gates’ announcement

Bill Gates robot tax

As the trend is toward ever-increasing automation, everyone is fearing for their job. I can’t count how many articles I’ve crossed this month alone about this issue.

Machines are arriving in force in the workplace and there is a possibility that robots may end up competing with humans over jobs.

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4 ways to boost your internal communications with digital collaboration

ways to improve internal communications

We define digital collaboration as the digital systems people use to collaborate internally (within the enterprise network) or externally (with enterprise communities or partners) to get things done. Digital collaboration tools connect people, information, business applications and company communications, transforming your company into a unified, successful business force.

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