Build your solution on a robust open-standards foundation

Whether your goal is to modernize your intranet or build a customer digital experience, a sound technological foundation is key to your project’s success.

eXo’s technology has a proven track record of scaled deployments under the highest security compliance demands. Our open-standards philosophy provides endless and easy integration possibilities, ensuring success for your user experience.

With eXo, we have centralized our client information base. Agents now use a single access point that unifies capabilities previously provided via five different applications

Grégory Dussart
Project manager, Humanis

Key Benefits of eXo Platform Technology

Extensible platform to build your solutions

Federate your business tools using a modern user-centered front end. Customize your eXo Platform instance to follow your brand and desired user experience. Easily extend the platform by building and deploying your own applications through various extension points. Learn more.

extensible platform to build your solutions

Enhanced interoperability for easier integrations

Seamlessly integrate to your IT environment and existing applications for an improved user experience. eXo Platform adopts public interoperability standards wherever possible, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of middleware and business applications. Our connectors to major enterprise software solutions speed up your integration process. Learn more.

interoperability for easier integrations

Mobile-ready and responsive

Thanks to eXo’s native mobile app, users can access their intranet from anywhere, stay connected to their workplace, use their work information, and collaborate on the go. eXo Platform is natively responsive, and it adapts to most form factors while respecting your custom branding. Learn more.

mobile-ready and responsive


eXo Platform has been repeatedly tested in production on demanding deployments and optimized to accommodate them. The platform has been successfully deployed with hundreds of thousands of agents and millions of users in the most demanding security environments, such as defense agencies. Connectors and administration tools facilitate enterprise integrations. Learn more.


Open-source foundation

eXo Platform is open source, which facilitates code audits and integrations and ultimately gives you full control over your solution. Learn more about licensing.

open-source foundation

Who Benefits the Most from eXo Platform Technology?

  • IT departments seeking a robust platform foundation for their solutions
  • Companies that need to comply with demanding security regulations in their deployments
  • Companies that use multiple internal tools and that need to unify and modernize their user experience
IT Departments Use eXo Platform to Build Their Solutions

See how the French State Pensions Department leveraged eXo Platform to build a management system for millions of civil servants.

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