Capture knowledge

Capture knowledge through documentsrich articles, and discussions.



Create one or multiple knowledge bases to organize and share your company knowledge via folderspage trees, links and inserts.


Document management

Organize, manage and share documents.



Create your tutorials, FAQ sections and policies thanks to the rich editor and the content hierarchy in Notes.



Reference your knowledge throughout the platform via internal links, symbolic links, document attachments and #hashtags.


Search & Filter

Poweful full-text unified search across the platform; advanced filters; contextualized document search and more.

Keep it green

Survey your storage space, easily identify old assets and remove them through a 30-day trash bin.


Spread knowledge

Communicate on knowledge updates through rich content, notify users, and promote popular knowledge.


How clients are using eXo Platform

Read the client story
« The mission was to create a platform that streamlines: a structured knowledge base centralizing all official information, an FAQ space and an open community of best pratices. »

Sascha Martin-Duwendag, CEO, Bimoso Consulting

Read the client story
« The platform is widely adopted by our employees thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, as well as the efficient support provided by exo platform »

Justin Paris, Director

Read the client story
« The introduction of the new eXo collaborative platform has enabled us to project ourselves into new ways of working, and to develop our management methods in order to manage teams and projects more smoothly and efficiently. »

Christophe Le Gal, technical project manager, Occitanie Region

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