eXo Platform offers a full range of expert services spanning your digital workplace lifecycle.
We are committed to our clients’ long-term success and work hard to ensure that you meet your business goals.

3 areas of expertise for a successful project

Manage Change

Secure end-user adoption and guide your organization’s journey through a compelling behaviour change.


Tailor the solution to your needs, blend with your systems and even your existing applications.


Smoothly, from launch to peaks, perform flawlessly and scale as needed.

How ready is your organization? – 3 maturity levels

Your organization is like no other. Our exclusive methodology uses three levels to respond to your organization’s maturity and available capabilities.


Your organization is fully ready to lead and own the project in any or all required areas of expertise.


Your organization can allocate sufficient resources and skills for the realization of the project but needs occasional help in some areas.


Your organization prefers to focus on its core business and fully outsource some operations to a seasoned expert team in the relevant area.

How we can help – “à la carte” approach tailored to your needs

We offer scalable expert services according to your organization’s constraints and readiness

Self-care mode
Included with your subscription
Solution expertise
  • Access to our adoption plan library
  • Expert online session to get you started and overtime checkpoints
  • Access to help-desk
Technical expertise
  • Access to developer training materials and technical documentation

  • Access to technical support

Assisted mode
On demand
Solution expertise
  • We help you map your use cases, define your solution and design your community management process
  • We help measure engagement according and recommend adjustment actions
Technical expertise
  • We assist in your customizations, integrations or developments
  • We help you with your installation
  • We help you ensure optimum performance
  • We train your developers and your administrators
Delegated mode
On demand
Solution expertise
  • We design your solution with your teams
  • We make sure your solution is built in line with your requirements, timeline and budget
Technical expertise
  • We build quality custom code for you as needed

  • We maintain custom code over time and ensure forward compatibility

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