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Discover eXo Platform, a full-featured, versatile digital workplace platform that will help you embrace modern ways of engaging and collaborating at work.

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Build your company culture and manage your communities, with modern, easy-to-use internal communications tools.
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Enable effective team-work from any device with modern, user-friendly, collaboration tools.
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Boost your employee productivity and engagement at work with innovative cross-platform tools and gamification.
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Centralize, structure and share your company knowledge through knowledge management tools.
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How clients are using eXo Platform

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« eXo is there to help us master the information assets of the presidency, an organization at the heart of the decision-making apparatus of the State. »

Arnaud Mazier, CIO French Presidency

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« We deploy 100,000 officers around the world who need to be able to communicate continuously. RESOGend, our enterprise social network, really changed the way we work together. »

Lieutenante-Colonelle Marielle Chrisment, In charge of the digital mission

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« We needed to bring our different brands together and build a common culture. eXo platform has helped us to do that. We use our digital workplace for communication and also for collaboration on transverse projects. »

Caroline Barbin-Siraudin, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communication

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« Mutavie is now fully equipped to attract younger clients and increase its market share. »

Jérôme Farcet, Head of Technical Means

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« Our goal was to make sure that each clinic felt included in the group. We wanted to facilitate collaboration between our clinics and within each of them, to promote the sharing of information and best practices. »

Olivier Boixière, CIO Vivalto Health

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