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What is eXo Platform?

eXo Platform is an open-source social-collaboration software designed for enterprises. It is full featured, based on standards, extensible and has an amazing design.

Why an Enterprise Social Platform?

A Social World

These days, every application and website integrates a social layer. The social graph and activity streams are central to enterprise collaboration. IT organizations must have a solution.

Social is Enterprise Ready

Consumers have already transformed enterprise users’ practices and processes. A social platform must be secure and robust. It must be standard, leverage IT investments and be professionally supported.

Social is Open and Affordable

Nobody wonders whether they should deal with social any more, but how. It is essential to build a social platform with no liability and no vendor lock-in. The ideal platform in a commodity world should be open source and affordable.

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Build a Social Intranet

eXo Platform is an out-of-the-box social intranet solution. Rich collaboration features such as wikis, forums, calendars and documents are smartly integrated around activity streams, social networking and workspaces. It is carefully designed to instantly engage users. It runs within the trusted security of an enterprise platform and is highly customizable to adapt when your needs evolve.

Learn how eXo Platform helps you build a Social Intranet
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Online Community

eXo Platform is ideal for building an online community of customers, partners or fans. You can provide them with discussion forums, collaborative FAQs and polls. Build topic-oriented sub-communities or workgroups using spaces. Engage with your members via social networking. Send them email notifications to keep them coming back. Promote your products or services through the built-in web content management capabilities.

Learn how eXo Platform helps you grow an Online Community
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Social Network

User profiles: Profiles let users personalize their avatar picture, their job title, contact details, skills and background. All profiles are searchable through a centralized directory of people.

Connections: Build your network by connecting to other people. You can track their activity through their activity streams. New connections are suggested automatically.

Activity Streams: Follow what your connections are sharing, such as links to documents or just moods. Follow team activities. All built-in apps are nicely integrated to update the activity streams of important things like events, changes to documents, new posts, etc...


Spaces: Create collaboration workspaces for teams or projects where you can share documents, tasks, events, wikis and more. Spaces can be open or closed, private or public and space administrators can manage members and the applications that are available.

Wikis: Wikis are the most unconstrained way to create content for everybody. Build documentation, a knowledge base or procedures super easily with a powerful enterprise wiki that has templates, WYSIWYG, search, cross-linking and more.

Forums: Follow what your connections are sharing, such as links to documents or just moods. Follow team activities. All built-in apps are nicely integrated to update the activity streams of important things like events, changes to documents, new posts, etc...


Documents: Upload files easily, preview them, share them and edit them remotely via WEBDAV. Advanced document management capabilities are available such as versioning, metadata, advanced search and digital asset management.

Websites: Build content types and site structure online. A powerful back office lets you classify, search and publish content very easily. You can build an accessible website.

Unified Search : Search any type of content using a single interface, including documents, events, tasks, posts and articles. Any content can be found with the clear and powerful search application. A quick search-ahead helper field shows the most relevant results and a more advanced search with advanced filtering lets you go further.


Dashboards: Each user has their own customizable dashboard. Gadgets help to track metrics, feeds, status and analytics. The product has a large set of gadgets but you can also install any open social gadget. A large set of gadgets are also available online. The dashboard is available through the mobile applications.

Calendars: Never miss anything with our impressive multi-calendar application. Day, week and month views are available, of course, but it also manages reminders, invitations and free/busy time. Team calendars are managed in spaces and you can also share your calendars individually.

Tasks: Capture work items super easily as tasks. Tasks can be created from anywhere, anytime. They can be scheduled in your calendar and reminders will be sent to you. You can also track other people’s tasks via activity streams.


eXo Platform is available in many languages and new ones are regularly added to latest releases. More than 200 contributors from the eXo community are actively translating the platform into 50+ languages.

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Connect and collaborate on the go!

Follow the latest updates from your colleagues and groups, interact with your personal dashboards, browse and edit your files, and more – at any time, from anywhere.

Native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps integrate easily and securely with your eXo instance, on-premise or in the cloud.

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Enterprise Integration: integrates with your enterprise directory (Active Directory, Open LDAP,...). eXo Platform also works with your single sign-on system with support of CAS, JOSSO, OpenSSO and SAML. eXo Platform is built using open standards such as Java EE, WEBDAV, CalDAV, JCR and CMIS to maximize its interoperability.

Third-party Integration: eXo Platform can be connected to a variety of systems to augment its capabilities. Check out our add-ons center to discover the growing list of free connectors and integrations.

OEM Partner Program: OEM partners can easily add social collaboration, cloud and mobile capabilities to their existing solutions. Learn more about the OEM Partner Program.


Applications containers: Deploy your own apps besides the built-in ones inside our standardized runtime portlet and gadget containers.

APIs: Standard APIs such as JCR or CMIS are complemented by a set of APIs to program against your organization model, spaces, activity streams, polls, posts, wikis and more.

Web IDE: Develop gadgets and REST services and deploy them in the platform through our powerful development environment.

Enterprise Portal

Portal Framework: Based on the open source GateIn portal framework, eXo Platform has all the flexibility of an enterprise portal framework: portlets (JSR 286, WSRP), gadgets (OpenSocial) and content can be aggregated in a secured and customizable way.

UI Composer: A powerful graphical user interface composer that requires no technical skills allows to compose portal pages by picking up a layout and pulling in apps and content.

UXP: As a User eXperience Platform, eXo Platform offers an integrated set of technologies (portal, content management, collaboration, social, mobile and mashup tools) to enable interactions between the users and theirs applications, contents, and other users.

Cloud ready

Cloud Ready

Multi-tenancy: Unique multi-tenancy support allows eXo Platform to host several tenants in the same eXo instance. Tenants coexist in the same JVM but are strictly isolated. Each tenant’s data is in its own database.

Elasticity: eXo cloud infrastructure management lets you install eXo in an IaaS such as Amazon or Openstack. The cloud controller constantly monitors the load on your infrastructure and automatically adjusts the number of servers so that you can continue to deliver an optimal service in a cost-effective manner.

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eXo began as an open source project in 2002, as the industry's first Java portlet container. The eXo Project catalyzed a portal market dominated by a handful of very large vendors selling six-figure software and lock in. We opened the floodgates to choice in this market, and customers came.

The eXo Project grew into a company in 2003, as a response to customer demand. That customer -- the U.S. Department of Defense -- kicked off a tradition that continues to this day: Building great software in partnership with our customers. We can do this because we release our code in the open. It's how the DoD found us, when we were just university students hacking away, and it's how we choose to do business with our customers.

Today, eXo is a rapidly growing global company , with U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, California, global headquarters in France, and offices in Tunisia, Ukraine, and Vietnam. The company has established technology leadership and proven value by their large European installed base and strategic partnership with Red Hat.

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Customers & Partners


Learn more about our OEM partner program

They talk about us

  • eXo is fixing our broken email collaboration habits. It was a relieve to have organized discussions and a single repository for our docs.” - Jase

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  • eXo was easy, straightforward, and quick to set up. We had our entire organization online in less than 3 days” - Russ

    Logo g2crowd
  • Fantastic social content management system. eXo has definitely helped my company get a solid footing and doesn't charge a fortune for their services. Highly recommended!” - Greg

    Logo serchen
  • Platform is a great social network. The community is supportive and provide lot of first hand experience. It offers a neat experience.” - Jean-Marc

    Logo bitnami
  • eXo is one of the rare open source social collaboration platform with such a compelling feature set.” - Paulo

    Logo getapp
  • Awesome platform! Offers on-premise and in-the-cloud versions. Supported by a large, very active community.” - Aaron

    Logo quora
  • eXo is a excellent Social Intranet for our enterprise. It brings a great solution for our comunication needs and let our team communicate and share information very easily.” - Alberto

    Logo g2crowd
  • eXo Platform is a rich and powerful software. All my collaboration and content needs in a single tool.” - Michal

    Logo getapp
  • eXo platform is much more than a simple intranet app. You can customize it very deeply.” - Dinsip

    Logo trustpilot
  • I like the experience, with the UI, the UX and the integration between all the tools provided. It is really easy to get started with.” - Stévan

    Logo capterra
  • Nice interface, functional and refreshing compared to other similar systems. Informations are well organised via groups and projects. Worth a look!” - Sumanth

    Logo stackshare
  • eXo is a well designed platform that contains all the communication tools often available across distributed systems. It solves many communication issues with one tool. The system is easy to use.” - Michelle

    Logo capterra
  • I was despairing to find a good social collaboration platform, when I found eXo. What a blast! It's a modern collaboration platform packed with feature.” - Corinne

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