Everything You Need in One Collaboration Software

eXo Platform is all-in-one collaboration software that provides collaboration, knowledge management, content and document management, project management, social engagement, and portal capabilities integrated in one platform.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration spaces

    Facilitate cross-functional projects with secure private fully featured collaboration spaces.

    Document storage and collaboration

    Organize, store, share, and collaborate around your documents.

    Project management

    Manage your project better using task management, shared calendars, team activity streams, and more.

  • Engagement

    Content management

    Leverage content templates and publication lifecycles to create and publish engaging content in minutes.

    Social network

    Connect and interact with other members and follow relevant activities easily.

    Activity streams

    Keep everyone updated regarding their projects, assignments, or company news.

  • Productivity

    Single access point

    Provide all business applications, documents, information, and contacts in one place.

    Knowledge management

    Capture, centralize, and share your company knowledge with documents, wikis, forums, and more.


    Work and collaborate remotely with any device.

Enterprise Collaboration Software

Enhance Your Solution by Integrating eXo Platform into Your Environment and Business Tools

Open-standards based

Easy integration

Integrate seamlessly into your IT environment and existing applications.

Applications hub

Federate your business tools through a modern, user-centered front end.

Extensible platform

Extensible and customizable

Easily change your branding, layout, and user experience. Build and deploy your own applications through multiple extension points.

Mobile ready and responsive

This complete native mobile app and responsive web layout respects your branding.

Enterprise ready

Secure and scalable

Battle-tested through deployments with hundreds of thousands of agents and millions of users in the most demanding environments, including defense agencies, governments, and banks.

Pre-built connectors and administration tools

Use tools for LDAP, single sign on, permissions management, staging, and more.

The project is a success and it has achieved its objectives. Without the eXo solution, it simply could not have been done for the same cost and in the same amount of time

François Freslon /  Exposure Team Manager, SRE


François Freslon /  Exposure Team Manager, SRE

The project is a success and it has achieved its objectives. Without the eXo solution, it simply could not have been done for the same cost and in the same amount of time

Reviews of Our Software

eXo collaboration software is a well designed platform that contains all the communication tools often available across distributed systems. It solves many communication issues with one tool. The system is easy to use.

/ Michelle

eXo is an excellent social intranet for our enterprise. It is a great solution for our communication needs, and it lets our team communicate and share information very easily.

/ Alberto

eXo Platform is a rich and powerful collaboration software. It meets all my collaboration and content needs in a single tool.

/ Michal

eXo collaboration software is fixing our broken email collaboration habits. It was a relief to have organized discussions and a single repository for our docs.

/ Jase

eXo Platform is much more than a simple intranet app. You can customize it very deeply.

/ Dinsip

Nice interface, functional and refreshing compared to other similar systems. Information is well organised via groups and projects. Worth a look!

/ Sumanth

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