Transform your organization through collaborative work

Get the most out of your collaboration

Our enterprise collaboration platform maximizes your collective power through a fully integrated stack of teamwork collaboration app and communication tools, as well as with strong integration with your internal environment

A digital workplace for a digital workforce

Unify your business and collaboration tools within one platform to connect your employees to information, people, and apps from one digital workplace.

Streamline company communications

Our social collaborative work platform facilitates information flows mixing traditional news displays with targeted two-way communication through social activity streams

Key Benefits of a Collaborative work Platform

Enable digital collaboration in any situation with a full stack of integrated enterprise collaboration tools

Thanks to a full stack of integrated tools, our project collaboration platform provides a secure and efficient environment for any type of collaboration – cross-functional, cross-geographical, remote teams, remote workers, intradepartmental ongoing collaboration, ad hoc projects, communities of interest – you name it.

  • Find and source relevant skills for your team with Profiles
  • Collaborate privately and securely on each project with Spaces
  • Share, view, edit and store documents in a secure online file system with Documents
  • Structure work information, meeting notes and department policies with Wikis
  • Distribute, manage and follow work items with Tasks
  • Coordinate your team timelines with Calendars
  • Stay on top of all your projects and work items with Notifications
  • Communicate with your team members and coworkers via Activity Streams and Chat app

Collaboration platform

Unify your collaboration and communication set-up with Platform

Most modern workers use multiple software applications to get through their work day, the sheer number of which can be overwhelming and disruptive to their overall efficiency.

eXo Platform provides your employees with a unique point of access to all of their applications, personal information and company communications. Deeper integrations with Notifications, Activity Streams and Spaces are also possible for key apps, maximizing individual and global efficiency.

Thanks to our Platform’s native integrated capabilities, some of your existing collaboration tools can be replaced, leading to an optimized cost of ownership.

Social collaborative work platform

Modernize your communications with the intranet News and Activity Stream

Easily display your company news at the heart of your employees’ digital workplace with News. Enhance traditional news sharing with two-way communication messages in Activity Stream. Engage your employees by initiating news inspired interactions. Break communication silos by allowing targeted interdepartmental information flows.

Enterprise collaboration platform
With eXo we bring closer together employees from different locations or working remotely and keep everyone in the loop of what is going on.

Mariana Militaru / Val d'Oise

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Mariana Militaru / Val d'Oise

Download Full Case Study

With eXo we bring closer together employees from different locations or working remotely and keep everyone in the loop of what is going on.
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