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Community vs Enterprise

1. What is it that you are selling? Open source is free

Open source means open code that your IT team can fully control. We sell an Enterprise-ready packaged edition of an open-source eponyme project, eXo Platform. We also sell support and other services for this Enterprise edition.

2. What is the difference between Community and Enterprise editions

Community and Enterprise editions are based on the same codebase. The key differences are:
  • Community edition is distributed as a Docker image (whereas enterprise editions can benefit of hosting or Tomcat or JBoss distributions
  • Some add-ons are not pre-installed on the Community edition (e.g. task, chat, remote edit, video calls, enterprise skin)
  • Neither professional support nor professional services are available for the Community edition
  • Community edition does not get maintenance releases
Read a detailed comparison between the two editions in our dedicated blog post here.

3. Is it possible to upgrade from a Community edition to an Enterprise edition?

As both editions use the same codebase, they are compatible. In practice, however, customers choosing to run a project using a Community edition modify and customize the software to the point where this compatibility is not immediate and a technical study is necessary to determine the feasibility and the cost of the migration. Contact us for a personalized evaluation.

Community edition

1. What license do you use for Community edition?

eXo Platform Community edition uses the LGPL license.

2. Do you provide services on Community edition?

No. Only subscription owners are entitled to purchase our professional services.

3. I want to run a project using your free Community version? How can I get help?

The eXo Tribe website provides a space where members can find resources, interact and help each other. Ask for help on the Tribe forums. We provide technical support there on a best effort basis.

4. How do I get the source code of the Community edition?

The codebase for eXo Platform is on GitHub at

5. Where can I download Community edition?

You can get the latest build of eXo Platform CE in the Downloads area of the Tribe.

6. How often do you release the Community edition?

We try to do weekly releases and publish them in the Downloads area of the Tribe.

7. How to build the code?

First you need to set up your environment following this guide, then checkout this repository and follow the README.

8. Can I contribute?

Absolutely. If you are a developer, we welcome pull requests. In order to merge them though we’d need you to sign a Contributor License Agreement. Read more about it here. If you’re not a developer, there are other ways to contribute, such as answering questions on the forums, sending comments on the documentation, suggesting features, talking about your project to our or contributing translations or simply spreading the word!
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