What you can do with eXo Platform

Configure your platform step by step

Step 1. Brand you platform

You can change the platform’s branding in Administration/General settings: change your logo, apply your colors, choose your flavicon and your login image.


Step 2. Set-up your home page

By default, the homepage holds a simple uniframe that redirects to a public webpage – www.exoplatform.com. Compose the page to your liking, using the administration icon on the top right of the screen. For starters, configure a simple home page, using article views as shown in the video.


Step 3. Configure your news targets

Set-up news targets in Administration/News targets menu. For starters, create one new target, authorized for admin users.


Step 4. Create your spaces

Start by creating a communications space. Create some articles and publish them on your home page, open to all users.
Then create more initial spaces for your users depending on your goals.


Step 5. Provision your users

There are many ways to invite users in the platform. You can use Administration/Users to import a csv, invite them by email or create them directly. It is also possible to connect your LDAP and import users that way. Use groups, roles and each objects settings to configure their rights and memberships.


Get to the next level with eXo

Get to the next level with eXo

User & Administration guide

The product is shipped with a user & administration guide, that you can find in eXo Knowledge base space of your platform.

Technical documentation

A full technical documentation is available including a developer guide, REST APIs documentation and a technical administration guide.

Browse documentation
Support space

Get help and support via your eXo support space on eXo Tribe.

Get support