Why eXo - a superior employee experience

digital workplace software
Easy to use

Intuitive, easy to use platform, centralizing information and ensuring durable user adoption.


A platform that can extend to your ecosystem of external users, partners, frontline workers and more.


Fun gamification tools – kudos, challenges, engagement programs – to boost your employee engagement.

Modern UI/UX

User-centered navigation and smooth user experience throughout the platform, based on modern framework and design.


Fully mobile

Quality mobile experience of all features thanks to responsive design, Iphone and Android apps and push notifications.

Unified access to apps

Easily centralize your personal calendar, email, drives and business tools in a single, modern, user friendly platform.


External users

Easy, effective and secure collaboration with users outside of your organization.



Engage your users and value their contributions thanks to a powerful, integrated gamification experience.


Powerful analytics

Evaluate and adapt your strategies thanks to our powerful, cross-platform analytics engine.


Why eXo - a platform that evolves with your needs

High interoperability

Supporting open standards, eXo integrates with anything, centralizing your applications in a single platform.

Modern extensibility

Fully extensible, eXo exposes ALL its services as APIs REST, providing a modern front end to your legacy systems.

Enhanced security

eXo’s additional security features and deployment flexibility ensure the highest level of protection and control.


Also enable remote work for teams

An all-in-on digital workplace platform

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