The new server

We installed server box intended for benchmarking eXo Platform products performance such as WebOS in general, eXo-JCR etc as well as customer’s application specific use cases in production-like environment.

Short specification:

Base model : SuperMicro 7045B-3R

MotherBoard : Super X7DB3 (Intel 5000P, on-board Adaptec AIC 9140 SAS controller)

CPU : 2 x Intel Xeon E5345 (Quad-Core, 8MB cache, 2.33GHh, FSB – 1333 GHz, 80W)

RAM : Apacer 8x2GB FB DDR2 ECC 667MHz, Total 16GB

HDD : 5x250GB SATA in RAID 5 (Super AOC LPZCR2)




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