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Ali Hamdi is the Service Delivery Director for eXo Platform. His mission is to solve our customers’ problems. Always!


To me, the customer is king. Whatever their problems, I’m here to listen to them and find solutions for them.


Take us back to your beginnings at eXo
I started my eXo adventure in May 2009, as a developer. After a while, I was promoted as the team lead support and eventually I became the service delivery director. eXo has given me the chance to be a leader and to improve my professional and human skills. I feel truly fulfilled in my work and I am always looking to take on new challenges!

How would you describe your job?
As the service delivery director, my mission is to make my clients’ lives easier. I do my very best to help their projects succeed, whether through the support service or through consulting. If a client wants to implement additional features or expand a project, I’ll act as a consultant. If the client has a technical bug or a question, I’ll wear my support hat! To me, the customer is king. Whatever their problems, I’m here to listen to them and find solutions for them.

What difficulties have you encountered?
When you look at it, we always have problems. Everybody. Problems are like oxygen. It might sound weird, but that’s true. And as we require oxygen to live, we also require problems to live. And the real problem is when there are no problems (laughs). I believe that there’s always a solution.

What are the good aspects of being a service delivery director?
Well, it has probably taught me to manage a whole range of problems, even in my personal life. Through my job, I have learned to be very patient, to control my emotions and to think and act quickly.

Tell us about a typical day in the eXo office
I check my emails, my eXo activity stream, and then my team and I gather for a quick stand-up meeting to discuss our tasks, emergencies and issues. Also, I make sure that there’s a healthy work environment.

My position requires me to be a good listener and to maintain trust with my team. That’s absolutely necessary for success.

What job wouldn’t you like to do?
Probably a singer. Because, believe me, my voice is a disaster! But I would’ve liked to have been a farmer. I love nature… Maybe one day, who knows?

What sound or noise do you love?
My kids!

What sound or noise do you hate?
My kids! Especially early in the morning…

What is your favorite movie?

What’s your favorite food?
Grilled vegetables and fish!

Tell us something about yourself that you wouldn’t like us to know
Mmm… Gotta go! (laughs)

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