Employee centered navigation

Get a personalized view of your latest and most relevant information, events, tasks, documents and applications.


Remote work made easy

Connect to your digital workplace from any mobile or fix device and from any location.

Mobile Notifications

A configurable system of notifications alerts you to important events, by different means and according to your preferences.

App center

Easy access to your professional tools via our applications center.


Unified search

Access whatever you need in seconds – find colleagues, apps, spaces, information and more.


Unified view of your tasks

The Tasks application presents all your tasks from your different projects in a unified, easy to browse and work with way.


Unified view of your events

The agenda application sums up you events from different projects in a unified view.


Easy and fun

Smooth user experience with multiple cross-platform features, quick action points, cool interface and design.


Also enable remote work for teams

An all-in-on digital workplace platform

Software tour
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