Key Benefits of the eXo Professional Edition

eXo Platform Professional edition

Everything you need for digital collaboration

Boost your team’s efficiency with a full range of communication and collaboration tools. Share documents, create collaborative workspaces for your projects, discuss issues, run projects with task management, capture knowledge easily with wikis, communicate better with microblogging, coordinate meetings with calendars, sync quickly via chats, and more.

Collaborative applications built into eXo Platform Professional edition

Integrated solution out of the box

All the collaborative applications built into eXo Platform are designed to work together and interact smoothly as part of a unified portal. For example, your tasks can be displayed in the calendar app. Capture a chat as meeting notes and store them in a wiki. Upload or modify a document inside a workspace, and see automatic updates published in the space’s activity stream.

Professional edition with installers for Windows, Linux, Mac, or VMWare

Get up and running fast

Don’t waste weeks trying to get started. eXo Platform is packaged to be easy to set up, minimizing its impact on your IT resources. Our Professional edition comes with a range of all-inclusive installers for Windows, Linux, Mac, or VMWare.

Professional support with eXo Professional edition

Peace of mind

You can stay focused on your business because we have your back. With eXo Professional, you get professional support with an SLA and access to fixes and improvements for free. If you ever find it difficult to use or install the product or if you encounter odd problems, simply open a support ticket and one of our support engineers will find a solution quickly.

Start eXo Professional edition with essentials package

We get you going with our cloud-hosting and Essentials package options

Not sure how to get started? With our cloud-hosting option, we set up a secure monitored instance of eXo Platform in the cloud for you—no action is required on your side.

If you prefer your own installation, our professional services team will help you bootstrap your project with the three-day, all-inclusive Essentials package. Our experts will install your platform, transfer administration knowledge to you, and share roll-out and onboarding best practices with your power users.

Who Benefits the Most from the eXo Professional Edition?

  • Growing teams and mid-size businesses getting started in digital collaboration
  • Teams or departments at larger organizations that need to boost their efficiency
  • Growing teams and mid-size businesses looking for an out-of-the box collaboration solution
We chose eXo because it perfectly met our list of requirements right out of the box. We loved the design, and it was affordable.

Alberto Roldán / CEO at ONA Investigacion

Read Case study


Alberto Roldán / CEO at ONA Investigacion

Read Case study

We chose eXo because it perfectly met our list of requirements right out of the box. We loved the design, and it was affordable.

Common Questions

We define users as enabled user accounts on your eXo Platform instance, with no further distinction to be made.

We recommend that you start with our Essentials package, which is tailored to bootstrap your project. If you would like to go further with your user adoption, our full range of enterprise services is available to you on demand.

You just need a server running Windows, Mac, Linux, or VMWare. The eXo Professional edition installer comes bundled with all the necessary components, including the databases, the Java virtual machine, and the LibreOffice server for document processing.

When you purchase a subscription, you’ll get a download link to the latest software version and a license key to enable it. You can also activate your trial version. If you purchased hosting or delivery services, an eXo Customer Success agent will get in touch with you to set up your service delivery schedule.

We offer a 30-day refund of your subscription.

We accommodate all upgrades. You may contact us at any time for a dedicated quote.

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