Introducing eXo Add-Ons

eXo Platform has a very rich feature set out of the box. But sometimes the core features fall short. Fortunately, eXo is also a great platform for customization, allowing you to run your own apps. eXo’s flexibility means that there are so many possibilities to build awesome things with it.

And now, we’re making it easier for you to access some of the great tools people are building with eXo Platform. Today, we are introducing eXo Add-ons, a great place to find extensions to eXo.

Everyday we hear about new things being built around the product. Our customers, partners and employees are completing successful projects and producing valuable extensions on top of eXo Platform. We felt we had to gather all of these great tools and make them easily accessible to the community.

Therefore, a few weeks ago, we decided to open the eXo Add-ons organization on GitHub.

eXo Add-ons is exactly what the name says–a place where you can find source code repositories for add-ons to eXo.
What can you find there? Let me just whet your appetite. Looking for an integration with Google Drive, Bonita or Twitter? Or what about a blog or a chat app? It’s all there, right now and all free! Build your own extension to share, try one out, or fork them at will!

eXo Add-ons is in its infancy but it already has some amazing stuff. It promises exciting things for the eXo community.

Although this initiative was started and is supported by eXo, we want it to be a place that’s open and participative, something that’s beneficial for the whole community. If you are a developer and you have worked on something you would like to share with the eXo community, eXo Add-ons is the best place to host your code. And rest assured: you will remain the owner of your project. We won’t claim any IP or other rights. It’s your stuff, just a bit more visible.

It’s very easy to get your own repository on eXo Add-ons. Just drop us a request and we’ll get you ready.

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