eXo Platform 4 Highlights: Four Improvements to the Homepage

Platform 4 is here. While the beta phase is in full swing and developers are squashing the latest bugs, let’s discover together what’s included in the best version we’ve ever released.

One of the key elements of Platform 4 is its homepage, which summarizes the visual identity of the product. We have improved readability and balance, so that important things are immediately brought to your attention.

eXo Platform 4 Homepage

Let’s zoom on the right column, which is designed to summarize key information.

Getting Started

Getting Started with eXo Platform 4

It is important that each user of the social intranet create a profile, connect with colleagues, and become familiar with the activity stream. That’s why we have placed a few shortcuts for these things in the Getting Started block on top of the column.

When you reach 100% progress, you are ready; you can close the block in one click.



You will find all your meetings and tasks at a glance in the Today block. Tasks appear in chronological order to ensure that you never forget anything. You can also control what calendars you want to follow by editing the settings.

Agenda Settings



The Invitations block tells you which colleagues are trying to connect with you in order to follow your activities. It also summarizes your invitations to spaces. You can accept or refuse an invitation with one click.



Enlarge your network quickly thanks to the Suggestions block, which suggests people and spaces that might interest you based on your network.

Download and see eXo Platform 4 by yourself or request a live demo.

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