eXo Platform SAML2 interconnection with Salesforce and Google Apps

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In November 2013, eXo Platform released a new guideline for SAML2 as one of the Single Sign-On frameworks and standards that we support. This is a new part in the series, following CAS, JOSSO, OpenAM and SPNEGO.

SAML is an OASIS standard for exchanging authentication data. According to SAML2 (version 2 of SAML), two parties that exchange authentication data are called the Service Provider (SP) and the Identity Provider (IDP).


Single Sign-On is one of the possible applications of SAML. Google Apps allow their customers to delegate authentication to an external SAML2 IDP. Salesforce can be initiated either as an SP or an IDP. eXo Platform can play both roles and can be easily configured with just a few steps.

Now check it out at the eXo Documentation website. You will find:

With this new content, you will easily find how to configure JBoss package as an SAML2 IDP and SP. For Tomcat, our engineering team is on it and we hope to be able to give you the relevant instructions shortly. But if you have tried it on your way, feel free to share with us!

Stay tuned for more and join the discussion on the community website!

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