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We are thrilled with the growth of the eXo community. Nearly 30,000 members have signed up on the community website so far. We are striving to make it a great place for everyone to find help and useful information about eXo.

With around 100 new members weekly and 2000 downloads, we’re happily getting more and more feature requests.

However, we wanted a better way to capture, discuss and probe all the great ideas with the community, so we added a new “Feature Requests” section to the community website.

It’s the place to go when you are really missing a feature or an integration. When you need some specific area to be improved. Or when you simply have a brilliant idea about something to do with eXo!

As we wanted it to be interactive, we thought Answers app would be a great fit, as it provides a great deal of functionality for managing ideas. You can:

  • Browse and search for requests by category
  • Submit feature requests
  • Vote and comment on feature requests
  • Suggest and vote solutions up or down
  • Discuss ideas in the forum

A quick guide has been put together to let you make the best of the feature requests app.

Our product management team will constantly be feeding, reviewing and monitoring the feature requests. We hope they will give us a good insight into what things are really important for the community and we will use them to prioritize our work.

So now it’s your turn! Visit the Feature Requests and tell us what you want to see in eXo Platform.

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