Career lessons I learnt from watching The Devil Wears Prada

I’m sure that the majority of you have watched it at least once (I’ve watched it over 10 times – in fact, I’ve lost track), and if you haven’t, you truly should. As much as it’s fun to watch, The Devil Wears Prada has so much meaning behind it.


I personally enjoy watching the iconic performance of Miranda Priestly as much as Andy Sachs’ journey and I think a lot of us can relate to her struggles.


The whole spirit of the movie is about discovering your identity and holding onto that even when outside forces are telling you otherwise.


Here are some of the lessons that really resonated with me:

The Devil Wears Prada


1. Adapt to change

When Andy first started her new job, she had little to no interest or knowledge in fashion ; she’s a journalist and doesn’t fit in with the ‘Runway girls’. She took a risk by accepting a job in a whole new industry and it didn’t take her long to start dressing the part.


We see that her personality changed and that she became more confident and assured in herself.


I’m not saying that you have to change for a job, but as long as it allows you to grow and learn new skills and you want that personal development, why not?

2. List your priorities

This lesson can be applied to pretty much anything. Most life coaches will tell you to straighten out your priorities – work, friends, romantic relationships, hobbies, personal development. You just have to know where to apply your energy and focus by identifying the things that will fulfil your life in the long run.


It’s just a matter of knowing how to balance your life!

3. Always do your research

At first, Andy struggled with her job since she’s not  familiar with the fashion industry. But thanks to her determination, she begins to excel at her responsibilities.


The lesson is: when you are new, always do your research. Be prepared, informed and up to date with what’s going on in your field. Don’t leave anything to chance and always do your homework.


Need a doctor? Look for the best. Going out for dinner/ Get on those Yelp reviews. Going on a Tinder date? Google and Facebook are your friends. Launching a new digital workplace? eXo Platform is the answer.

4. Confidence is key

One of the most fascinating things to watch is Miranda’s attitude and confidence. Can we all just acknowledge how high her self-esteem is? She’s talented, powerful and innovative and never doubts the steps she takes. It was her way or the highway as she knows her worth and believes she’s irreplaceable.


If you know what to do and how to do it, then being confident will open doors for you, and having the right attitude makes you seem like you own the place.


So next time you’re about to do something brave (or just going to a meeting), remember that you are a priceless gem, so unleash your inner Miranda Priestly!

5. Be nice to your co-workers

When we are new at a job, it feels intimidating at first; everyone really appreciates a hand from a co-worker. Andy finds that in Nigel, but not in senior personal assistant Emily, who didn’t like her that much in the beginning.


But that never stopped her from helping Emily or being nice to her. The lesson is, befriend your co-workers as it’s much more pleasant to work with people you enjoy collaborating and sharing knowledge with.

Now, grab some popcorn and let’s watch The Devil Wears Prada AGAIN!


That’s all


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