5 TV shows for entrepreneurs to watch during confinement

The first few months of 2020 will go down in history as the time where staying home all day is the only way to save the world. Although quite simple in theory, staying home for prolonged periods of time can have a negative impact on our psychological health.
This is why we have been urged by everyone from scientists and psychologists to social media influencers to seek out and try different ways to cope with social distancing and –why not – take advantage of the situation to learn new things.
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For example, exercising can help us stay fit both physically and mentally. Staying in touch with loved ones reduces our stress, lifts our mood and compensates for the lack of social interactions (depending on who we talk to of course). But at the end of the day, there is no one-size-fits-all list for how to pass time during quarantine. Each one of us has his/her own passions and interests. So if you enjoy watching TV shows all day with an interest in business, then this blog post is definitely for you because we will describe five of the best TV shows for entrepreneurs to watch during confinement.

1. Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an American business reality television series created by Mark Burnett in 2009. The show is among a host of other shows that embraced the Dragons’ Den format inspired by the Japanese reality TV hit show Money Tigers. The show’s format is simple: entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to potential investors or “sharks”, who, in turn, ask questions and then decide whether to invest in the business. The great personalities of the sharks, funny contestants and brilliant (sometimes strange) business ideas all contribute to the popularity of the show. In 2015, Beyond the Tank – a spin-off to the original show – premiered in which viewers are given updates on both the entrepreneurs who secured a deal with the sharks and those who didn’t.
Shark Tank is a great way to learn from other entrepreneurs’ successes and mistakes and learn how to pitch your business ideas.

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2. The Apprentice

Watching people fight on screen makes great TV – just ask Jerry Springer. It is especially more interesting if the winner can potentially get a job at some of the big biggest corporations in the world. Well, that’s the premise of The Apprentice. Selected candidates compete over the course of the season to land their dream job. During each episode, candidates are presented with a new challenge that they need to overcome, or they face the sack. Challenges range from creating new bottle designs for Pepsi to developing a clothing line and toys for Toys “R” Us.
Both the British and American versions of the reality TV hit were well received thanks to an original concept and big-name hosts Alan Sugar and Donald Trump. Spin-offs to the show include Celebrity Apprentice, where regular candidates are replaced by celebrities such as Piers Morgan, Khloé Kardashian and Lil Jon. This adds to the drama and makes things more interesting.

3 Silicon Valley

As its name implies, Silicon Valley is a show about … Silicon Valley. It follows Richard Hendricks, a software engineer who had the idea of creating an app to protect musicians against copyright infringements. From the first episode, titled “Minimum Viable Product”, the show succeeded in conveying life in Silicon Valley and all its challenges in a rather amusing way, with some nice observations of details and technicalities thrown in.

4. Million Dollar Listing

If you want to learn the art of negotiation and persuasion and how to improve your marketing and communications skills, Million Dollar Listing is the show for you. This reality TV series showcases real estate agents or real estate as they sell high-end, luxurious properties. With four versions filmed across four US cities – Los Angeles, New York, Miami and San Francisco – you’ve got plenty of catching up to do if you haven’t seen this show yet.

5. House of Lies

Based on Martin Kihn’s book House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time, House of Lies gives its viewers a rare view of the consultancy industry by following management consultants in their quest to conquer corporate America. The show offers up plenty of tips and shady practices that you can apply to real life (depending on your ethical standards).
The above is a list of the five TV shows that can help you entertain yourself and learn a thing or two about business and entrepreneurship. Honourable mentions include Undercover Boss, Profit and How I Made My Millions. If you are into more action, cartels and shady financial practices, shows like Narcos, Ozark and StartUp fit the bill perfectly.
Tell us more about the shows you like in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for similar content.
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