A Business Overview of eXo WCM 1.0

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eXo WCM 1.0 enables every collaborator to manage and work on multiple websites at a time. The tools required for every one are included in the solution so no external tool is needed. eXo WCM is one component of the eXo Suite and has been designed to be highly integrated with other eXo products if needed, as well as with other IT systems thanks to JSR 168 & 286 standards compliance. Moreover, eXo products now support the Google Gadgets standard to access a wide range of useful data and shared information.

Through one product, eXo WCM, every collaborator can have access to all company’s websites and to edition features to manage multiple websites.

Only one products for every collaborator:

Webmasters can administrate multiple websites and manage the search engine optimization process. Website administrators can set permission policies depending on user roles on the website and keep an eye over changes made to websites.

Content providers can use eXo WCM tools to write content and choose how to publish it. They are able to publish automatically content from a wide range of communication tools, like blogs, websites, rss, social networks, wikis,… Collaborators can also add dynamic and innovative contents like Gadgets to their websites to make it more attractive.

Web designers can make professional websites relying on CSS and JavaScript and using media library that stores all medias created and that can be reused from a website to another. The layout, content and navigation can be edited on the fly. Web designers can edit existing website templates to create new ones matching their design needs and their company image.

Organizations can link eXo WCM with their information system by coupling the website content with their document management system. eXo WCM allows the organization to search, access and retrieve the documents (depending on the organization permissions policy) to then display them on the website.

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