Cartoon of the week: Science fiction is taking reality to a whole new dimension in CES 2017

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CES las vegas 2017

The consumer electronics show CES is taking place this week and we’re all expecting new gadgets, epic cars and so many breathtaking initiatives.

The technology show attracts more than 150,000 people and draws companies from all around the world to brag about their latest innovative and bizarre creations.

Known as one of the biggest technology shows in the world, CES always sees big-name firms like Samsung, LG, Sony, Ford and many more. This year will be no different, as CES 2017 is driving science fiction into existence. What a better place than the fabulous town of Las Vegas to do so.

It’s about time to embark on a wild four-day adventure in a town of dreams, luxury and fantasy.

According to trusted reviews, here’s how the organisers reckon it’ll make you feel: “The moment you find what you didn’t know you were looking for, when you feel like you might have found the next unicorn, when your eyes and your brain stare blankly at each other and the only thing your mouth can muster is ‘whoa’.”

The hot products exposed in the show are defining the shape that the tech trends for 2017 are taking. These trends are narrowing the gap between humans and machines. From the self-parking cars to the smart hairbrush that examines the quality of your hair, consumer electronics show is definitely the birthplace of the most weird but wonderful gadgets.

Some of the highlights of the event were a smart cycle that will give your kid exercise and education, a scarf that senses air pollution, and virtual reality shoes that fool your feet with vibrations. As the new obsession is toward “immersion” in the virtual, everyone is trying to enhance their own experience by making it feel more real. The idea of feeling that you’re actually walking or playing on the surface shown in the virtual world is just insane.

This year we’ll also see more and more brands like Toyota using artificial intelligence to understand your driving habits. We know now that self-driving cars have the potential to cut accident rates and to improve roadway efficiency.

People are seeking powerful experiences and for that companies are softening the gap between the virtual and the real. We now are taking advantage of connected devices and smart devices to reach a newer dimension and a higher level of ecstasy. It’s just unbelievable how we can enjoy an imaginary and fantastical show while we’re freaking out and our eyes are almost coming out of their sockets.

It’s no wonder that technology is becoming the centre of almost everything we do every day and not just a niche market. Technology is offering us smarter and more innovative ways of getting things done.

Brands have understood this and they were hunting the next big thing in the technology show. Apart from the fact that it’s happening in the wild-dreams town, the largest consumer electronics show is and will remain a must-attend event.
After everything that’s happening in Vegas, what will stay in Vegas and what won’t? Well let’s wait to see the survival battles of these brands.
Stay tuned for more fun cartoons!

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