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Nothing generates press quite like announcing that you’ve been given $6 million in VC funding!  We were excited to see so much support for eXo in the form of articles and blogs around the US and Europe.  Here’s a quick recap of some of the coverage:

In the US:

CMS Wire, “eXo Raises US$ 6 Million to Boost U.S. Operations” PE Hub, “eXo Raises $6 Million”
The 451 Group, “Open source portal play eXo Platform takes $6m series A” VentureBeat, “eXo Raises $6 Million to build Java applications”
Silicon Tap, “eXo Snags $6M More” Silicon Valley Wire/Bay Area Techwire, “San Francisco’s eXo raises 6 million to expand US expansion
Sacha Labourey, “eXo Platform raises 6m USD” CTO Edge, “Melding Transactions with Collaboration”

From France and Europe:

The original press release can be read here: “eXo Accelerates U.S. Operations with $6 Million Series A Financing”.

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