Google applies for a patent for your eye to be connected

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Google applies for a patent for your eye to be connected

As we all know it, Google Glass didn’t win over our hearts and minds…. Still, it looks like Google is not finished with our eyes! After trying to put itself in the opticians’ shoes, the company is now trying those of the ophthalmologists!

For weeks now, giants such as Sony and Samsung have talked about connected contact lenses. But, as usual, Google has gone even further by applying for a patent for a device to be directly injected in the eye. Chills up my spine, too.

The announced device would replace the eye lens and could be used to rectify/correct vision problems and for even more complex uses. It can even be compared to a real computer, equipped with captors [?], a storage space, wireless connections, and a battery!

Yes, a battery. Indeed, it will be very complicated (and weird) to plug your eyes into a USB socket…. The patent describes a technology that supposedly will “collect energy” from the user him or herself.

It seems to be a big jump from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Humans.

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