Working with remote teams: tips on how to collaborate efficiently (Infographic)

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With the proliferation of new technology that’s making anything possible, working remotely is becoming increasingly common.

Employees are now embracing more flexible schedules and new forms of collaboration are emerging.

Remote work is helping people to strike a work-life balance. It can be a wonderful alternative for parents as it not only allows them to take their children to football practice and piano lessons, it also gives them more time to socialise with friends, go to the gym or join that salsa class.

While some companies are benefiting from this set-up, managers are still struggling to fully accept it. Managing remote teams can be quite challenging, due to isolation,  poor communication and difficulty in tracking employee productivity. But if done correctly, employers can reap the benefits of their employees’ satisfaction and inspire them to stay committed to achieving organisational goals.

So how does a manager effectively manage a team of remote workers, often on different continents?

Based on our experience, our clients’ success stories and a lot of research, we have come up with a mini-guide on how to effectively manage a remote team.


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