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Inside eXo Bruno Simioni

Bruno Simioni is a Systems Architect. He currently works at CI&T.
Bruno is Brazilian — he loves food and cooking, photography, and he plays guitar, bass and drums! Working with patience and passion, Bruno Simioni is an expert in his field. We could ask him a thousand questions yet always end up feeling that it was not enough to get to know him!
We are proud that he contributed to eXo Platform, having been a very active member of our community.

If you work for a company, what’s your role, and what is your team responsible for?
Today I work at CI&T Company as a Systems Architect. My primary goal is transforming customer processes into software solutions and adapting the Ci&T business unit technology stack into software solutions. My second goal is ensuring that customer application frameworks comply with our business unit’s architecture references.

What’s your typical work day?
My typical workday involves dealing with my customer and learning about their business problems. I turn their problems into computational processes and then, turn those processes into computational solutions using several technologies and frameworks.

What do you consider the key advantages of open source?
Controlling the code, having flexibility, contributing with great developers, working with standards, and mainly knowing what is generating value for the business.

Today, if one visits the catalog of eXo add-ons, the first one on the list happens to be an add-on you created. Tell us a little more about this.
I developed that CartoPins add-on for the company I was working for at the time. It was built using the eXo-made Juzu framework to display and async search geographic data inside OpenStreet Maps. The eXo add-on model is a great way to freely add extra features to the platform, which can then be shared with the eXo Tribe.

Cool things most people don’t know about you?
I play several musical instruments, and I think it’s a cool thing. I play guitar, bass and drums.

How did you start using eXo?
I was looking for some news on the Bitnami portal, and I found the eXo platform. It was a great surprise since I was not looking for an ESN concept. The best thing about this project is that it offer great social tools in an out-of-the-box solution.

“eXo is a fantastic tool.”

How did you first hear of eXo, and when did you join the tribe?
I found the Tribe when I was searching for more information about the eXo community and eXo development documentation.

What advice would you give fellow tribe members if they wanted to contribute (translation or other feature/code) to an eXo open source project?
I would say, “Go ahead, absolutely!” eXo is a great platform, and all the features are so powerful. It is open source, and a lot of great people are involved.

What’s a cool fact about your country or home town?
Brazil is a great place to live. It’s so rich and different in so many aspects from other countries, and it has a lot of different cultures, foods, and people. But, even with so many different perspectives and so many tradeoffs, people try to solve their political problems in controversial ways.


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