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Engaging your collaborators is one of the key challenges for organizations nowadays. This blog post will present a new add-on: the eXo Gamification add-on. As you may already know if you follow our blog, gamification has been a subject we’ve been thinking about for a while now. Indeed, as we always try to find new ways to help organizations engage employees, we identified gamification as another solution to address that need.

Roughly speaking, gamification is layering game-like features upon the use of applications –such as those used within a digital workplace– in order to boost employee engagement. With this new add-on for eXo Platform, we aim to enhance the use of your digital workplace solution by encouraging collaborators to participate.

Let’s dive into the eXo Gamification add-on and see its main features.

Domains and Rules

The eXo Gamification add-on is organized into “domains” that include a set of badges and actions to earn points. Domains are different predefined areas of activity within your digital workplace such as enterprise social networking, knowledge contribution, team collaboration, etc.

For now, the domains that are pre-included in this add-on are: Social, Knowledge and Teamwork. In the future, we would like to make these domains manageable by admins so that you can specify new domains freely according to the nature of your organization’s activity. This would mean that you would be able to create custom domains to define rules and incentives that would allow you to enhance certain specific behaviours needed.

eXo Gamification add-on: Manage Gamification's rules

As you can see in the screenshot above, gamification rules are  configurable: You may define the rules that will give users points. For instance I can define a rule that will attribute 5 points each time a user comments on an activity in eXo Platform as shown below:

eXo Gamification add-on: Configure Gamification's rulesThis rule is part of the “social” domain which accounts for all the main user activities around social and conversational interactions.

Engage Your Employees by Making Them Earn Badges

After deciding the rules of your “game” so to speak, you as an admin need to give incentives to your collaborators through symbolic rewards. To do so the add-on allows you to set up “badges”. With a menu similar to what we saw earlier with the rules setting, you can set up these badges in order to reward your collaborators when they reach certain amounts of earned points within certain domains of activity.

eXo Gamification add-on: Configure Gamification's BadgesAs we can see below, an admin can add a title, description, the required score and an icon for the badge that he is creating. Just like rules that fall under a domain, you have the possibility to create different badges for the three activity domains: social, knowledge and teamwork.

eXo Gamification add-on: Configure Gamification's badgesLeaderboards & Achievements

Finally, the gamification add-on offers leaderboards displaying to users how they rank within the organization per domain.

eXo Gamification add-on: Leaderbords Gamification

This leaderboard will allow users to also check their ranking per week, month or since the moment the gamification add-on was installed. When setting up your add-on you will be able to configure this leaderboard on the platform for all to see, but you can also set a leaderboard per space, allowing you to run more discrete competitions (e.g inside a team).

In addition, a pie chart popup will appear if you point your mouse over the names of users in the leaderboard that will let you know your percentage of participation in each area.

eXo Gamification add-on: Top users Gamification

Finally, the eXo gamification add-on will set up an achievements block on your profile when you collect badges.

On this block you’ll be able to see all the badges earned as well as your total number of points.

eXo Gamification add-on: Achievements Badges Gamification

If you point your mouse over the badges, a small description of your achievement will appear in a pop-up and how many points are needed to reach the next level.

eXo Gamification add-on: Levels Badges Gamification

How Can I Try it?

You can install the eXo Gamification add-on to your eXo Platform instance right away from the eXo Add-on Manager. As always, we welcome your feedback, questions, and requests, so contact us here if you have any.


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