Marc Brassier joined eXo Platform as Sales Manager

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Paris, October 20th, 2008 – At 32 years old, Marc Brassier is, since september 9th, 2008, in charge of driving and developing the sales strategy of eXo Platform.

Expert in the IT and Open Source solutions, Marc Brassier began is carrer along with his studies at Sup de Co Rennes in creating in 2000 a start-up for electronic couponing. At the end of its MASTER in Business intelligence strategy in 2002, he became an IT consultant for many large companies.

Intervenor at the ESLSCA, specialist in Open Source solutions, M. Brassier wrote articles for many papers and onlines news agencies (Misc, veille magazine, Zdnet, Neteco, Journal du Net,..) on his different expert areas (Technological studies and Open Source softwares integration in an IT system).

With strong Open Source technologies skills, Marc then joined Open Source Services Companies, as the company AliaSource Groupe Linagora as the “Ile de France” office manager where he succeeded in developing the commercial strategy on large customers, particularly the OBM solution.

« For many years, I was looking at eXo Portal developments. So, joining eXo Platform is a very good opportunity, because, on a technical point of view, their solution is on the top of what we find on the market.

By advising my partners and customers to adopt eXo Portal, I know they are doing the right choice on a long term period since the community is really active.»

For Benjamin Mestrallet, eXo Platform founder, “the arrival of Marc at the Head of the sales department comes at the right time, while, since the beginning of the year, we are strengthening eXo skills. We are now able to answer to every business opportunity we meet and I am certain that Marc will play a major role in this way.”

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